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characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Tara Janzen D file that’s about to fall into the wrong hands All Zach has to do is retrieve the key and forget the rain soaked beauty who came to his Central American plantation seeking shelter from than the weather Lily knows him as Alejandro Campos the seductive drug lord who saved her life They met when she traveled to. Actual Rating 35 Stars Cutting Loose still didn't feel like the reason why I ended up loving these Steele Street books but it DID get right back into the heart of it's absurdly entertaining factor  There are guns there are cars and there's the hot and steamy sex of which our couple seems to manage over a very long period of time  Whew  There's high speed chase from danger but no gun fights or explosionsAnd it wasn't until nearing the end of the book that I realized that the entire setting of this 400 page book takes place over the time frame of one day  Only the first couple and last couple chapters are not part of the one day  And so that's when I felt a slightly bit impressed because for a book that manages to drag out an entire day of cat and mouse chase between several players the progression actually flew by pretty uicklyI hadn't even been aware that things were happening because I kept thinking that we weren't in the middle of the conflict yet and yet we technically were  If that makes any senseThese books don't make any senseSo this review probably doesn't make any sense eitherAnywayWhile Lily and Zach were interesting characters this wouldn't be the first time in this series where we didn't get enough of a chance to get to know the main couple  And so while you learn a few things about them as the story progresses we really barely skim the surface of these two character's biographies  Even Lily barely knows who Zach is until the end of the book  The two of them are running from danger together with secrets as the giant pink elephant in the backseat of Zach's Shelby Cobra MustangAnd yet somehow they managed to make this partnership work  Somehow they develop a rather believable romance even if most of it is based off of lust and adrenaline  Somehow I found the two of them rather intriguingMeanwhile we get to meet previous characters which I love doing because usually I end up loving previous books' main characters as side characters  They tend to be much fun when they aren't center stage ya know  Unfortunately like some of the previous books in this series you also get introduced to a random secondary couple who kind of also manages to hog some book time along with other side characters and you'd rather just get back to the main couple and learn about themEntertaining book  Lots of potential  Lots of crazy Free Friday #7Page Count  405Cash Award  1000Updated Bank Balance  26800

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review Cutting Loose Steele Street #8 100 ´ She's the unsuspecting beauty with something everybody wants He's the secret agent in so deep nobody can find himUntil nowCIA operative Zachary Prade made his name taking out world threats But now he’s tracking a very different kind of danger and her name is Lily Robbins Lily holds the key to a valuable El Salvador to film a documentaryand got caught in the middle of a nasty drug and guerrilla war Now back in the US hunted by spooks and assassins Lily has to trust Campos again Except his name isn’t Campos and he’s arousing a passion so hot it’s criminal That is if they can survive long enough to enjoy it. Zachary Prade aka Alejandro Campos Lily Robbins Charlotte the Harlot A Fantastic story that finally brings piece love to the last lost Steele Street crew member This story was such an amazing ride from the very first page to the last The action was non stop and the chemistry between Zach Lily was explosive The past few books have just been ok for me but this one made me remember why I fell in love with the series Can't wait for the next installment

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Cutting Loose Steele Street #8She's the unsuspecting beauty with something everybody wants He's the secret agent in so deep nobody can find himUntil nowCIA operative Zachary Prade made his name taking out world threats But now he’s tracking a very different kind of danger and her name is Lily Robbins Lily holds the key to a valuable encode. Cutting Loose is another great book in what has become one of my favorite series While I have truly enjoyed each book in the Steele Street series Cutting Loose was one of the best The hero Zach Prade has been mentioned in several of the other books and he played a prominent role in the last one in his undercover identity of Alejandro Campos Salvadoran drug lord I have been looking forward to his story and I was not disappointed Alejandro Campos has been called to Langley for the first time in his eleven years undercover with the CIA His eight years of deep cover as a Central American drug lord have ended after a fiasco that left the CIA missing a coveted bracelet containing an important encrypted key The CIA is in a race to find the macrame bracelet before it lands in the wrong hands and they believe that it must be in the possession of Lily Robbins Lily is a teacher from New Mexico who inadvertently filmed the death of the CIA pilot who had the bracelet Alejandro is given the task of recovering the bracelet from Lily who sought refuge at his home when her trip to El Salvador took a frightening turn After clandestinely liberating his 1968 Mustang from SDF headuarters in Denver he heads to New Mexico arriving at Lily's home to watch two men break and enter Alejandro spirits Lily away but not before she shoots one of the intruders Soon Alejandro and Lily are on the run from the police as well as than one organization who desire possession of the encrypted key While at his villa three weeks previously Lily developed an unwilling attraction to this Central American drug lord but she is frightened and angry when he first seizes her Alejandro soon realizes that tracking and computer devices in the Mustang allow communication with SDF Dylan Hart lead agent of SDF caught sight of Alejandro Campos when the drug lord helped Lily and SDF agent C Smith Rydell back to the US three weeks earlier and he realized that the man was Zachary Prade ZachAlejandro decides that Lily will have protection if he takes her to Denver so Dylan puts his resources into helping them reach SDF headuarters safely As they travel from Albuuerue to Denver Lily hears Zach's conversations with SDF and realizes that he is a government agent The attraction flares between them and erupts into passion as they stop and hide away for most of the day Back on the road Zach again utilizes the help of his former associates as he finally tries to go back home to Steele Street It was nice to see that this book also features a few of the SDF operators from previous novels Dylan Hart Skeeter Bang and Gillian Pentycote The others are off on various pursuits during this story Zachary Prade and Lily Robbins were both strong likeable characters Lily was very self sufficient and able to handle danger but still sensitive enough that she was bothered afterwards Zach and Lily fell for one another uickly and once she realized that he was a government agent neither of them tried to deny their strong emotional connection This book is extremely fast paced and contains plenty of action Most of the story takes place on one day The backgrounds and connections between characters are so important to this series that I strongly recommend reading them in order It would be hard to make sense of the Steele Street books if they were read out of the context of the series I loved Zach's story and I eagerly await the opportunity to read the next book