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Insight AUTHOR Diana GreenwoFourteen year old Elvira Witsil lives in a remote area of Wisconsin with her mother Connie who acknowledges Elvira only when chores need doing; her grandma a cantankerous woman who can’t hold her tongue; and her baby sister Jessie who the family discovers is a seer Along. 45 rounded upElvira’s family was poor and far from perfect Her mother always seemed to be angry noticing her every wrong move and only noticing her when she could be useful Her grandmother was always criticizing her mother or her father Her little sister Jessie was sweet lovely but also strange Jessie spoke rarely and when she did they were words that a child would not think of saying In their house she felt unnoticed – only noticed when people need her help with household chores There was so much tension in their house born from the mistakes of her mother and the drinking of her fatherThe bonds of the family were uite worn and fragile but somehow they made it through the years Their grandmother stuck with their mother There was love but it was shown in a different way Underneath the criticizing the nagging and the fighting it was there Elvira never felt that she was loved by her mother They were not close With Jessie around she lost all chances of gaining attention The only person who loved her was her father but he was gone reported to be missing in action during the war I was touched with how Elvira loved her father despite his imperfection He could not hold a job for than a few weeks He was usually drunk He got into fights and landed in jail a couple of times He was nowhere near the ideal father but he loved her and he made sure that he showed that to herJessie was a Seer having words for the right moment and the right people It was a difficult life to bear the knowledge of the past present and future that would become her secrets and warnings to the people around herBeautifully written Insight was able to captivate me The guilt the sadness the pain the anger in every page was so strong and overwhelming I felt for Elvira She was an atheist belonging to a messed up family with a cute little Seer who was mysterious and confusing As she and her family journeyed away from their home they were getting closer to the surface of the truth But with all the secrets and the lies would they be able to finally see it and leave behind all the negativity wrapped around themInsight is an unforgettable debut about hope forgiveness redemption love and family wonderfully written that the words alone would mesmerize readers Shocking and heart shattering this was the next strongest novel to Forbidden Although some of the things were predictable I often found myself shocked with the revelations There was also a hint of romance near the end – refreshingly sweet and innocent I wish there was I recommend this to people who like novels about emotional struggles family and insight and to believers

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Er met a secret so powerful that when her mother Connie learns of it she sends the family on a journey to California with a traveling preacher This powerful teen manuscript tells the story of a family’s journey toward forgiveness and a young woman’s journey toward fait. Young adult 2 book World War II era Elvira age 14 living in a small town in Wisconsin away from town with mother 4 year old sister Jessie and grandmother Father Ray was a dysfuntional alcoholic father enlisted in the military and has been declared missing in action in the Pacific Elvira is lonely and feels 'different' due to their lifestyle her father's dysfunction and her guilt that she indirectly caused her father's death Little sister is 'different' and when she finally speaks her first words at age 4 they reveal something that she could not have known Therefore she is thought to be a seer From there the family meets up with a traveling preacher and travels cross country to California where Jessie has revealed they will see their father The story is told from Elvira's point of view I enjoyed the character of Elvira it is deep well developed and believable The character of the grandmother is unresolved and that kind of bothered me because the grandmother is such an ugly bitter lady The other characters resolved their issues but the grandmother was just sort of dropped form the storyThe story line is interesting the typical journey literally and figuratively to find self awareness and peace but it felt just a bit shallow at some points with some events really fitting in The story has a very strong religious aspect to it lots of references to finding God Elvira and her sister have an after life experience while nearly drowning and they see and speak with their father Elvira finds God throughout the course of the story and the story ends with a strong statement about faith So before recommending this book make sure this religious aspect would be okay for the reader Definitely a girl book discussions about female puberty

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Insight AUTHOR Diana Greenwood review ☆ 104 ï Fourteen year old Elvira Witsil lives in a remote area of Wisconsin with her mother Connie who acknowledges Elvira only when chores need doing; her grandma a cantankerous woman who can’t hold her tongue; and her baby sister Jessie — who the family discovers is a seer Along with the burdWith the burdens of a difficult family Elvira also bears a daunting secret she encouraged her father to enlist in WWII Ever since he was declared missing in action Elvira has felt responsible for his presumed death But Jessie also carries a secret about the father she nev. Beautiful and imagined INSIGHT by debut novelist Diana Greenwood is a story about family dreams and finding faith in something greater than themselves A spiritual and enlightening novel you don’t have to be a religious believer or follower to enjoy the power behind the story Although published by Zondervan HarperCollins Christian imprint INSIGHT is a book for anyone who enjoys a story that hugs at the heart strings with flawed but interesting characters who are searching for their place in the worldThe story takes place during the 1940′s in rural Wisconsin Elvira Witsil is the book’s young protagonist She lives with her mother grandmother and younger sister Jessie Her mother is upset over the disappearance of her husband who was fighting overseas in the war Her grandmother is crass and mean and never has a kind word to say especially toward Elvira’s father Ray who is known as the town’s drunken loser Elvira loves her father faults and all and desperately misses him Her sister Jessie is cute and sweet but also a little strange Jessie lives in her daydreams rarely talks and does the most peculiar things As the book’s blurb states Jessie sees things that no one else can see And what Jessie sees is the futureGrowing up with Jessie is difficult for Elvira because caring for her falls onto Elvira’s shoulders and she’s just a kid herself But Elvira loves her sister even though her crazy antics drive her nuts When Elvira’s mother decides to move her small family across country to learn the meaning behind Jessie’s psychic gifts the journey and the people Elvira meets challenges her beliefs but discovers that Jessie’s power is that “seeing is believing”INSIGHT is one of those novels when you start reading you don’t want to let go of the story and its characters Reminiscent of the curious and magical voice of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird and the atmospheric and psychological turmoil of Ellen Foster INSIGHT features a charismatic heroine who sees the world behind critical and thoughtful eyes She yearns for a place to belong a stable home environment a mother’s love and a father whose memory she clings to Elvira is lonely and has no friends except for Jessie She loves books even though her strict grandmother forbids her to read certain kinds like A Tree Grows in Brooklyn But most of all Elvira uestions how anyone could believe in a higher power because of all the sadness and disappointment she’s seen her short life At times tender humorous and even heart wrenching with a touch of the paranormal INSIGHT will pick you up and lift your soulI love the cover of INSIGHT with Elvira under a sea green water The cover has to do with the story and is one of my favorites of 2011Review posted on my blog That's Swell and Copyrighted by Reel Swell Productions