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Ylor is convincing and absorbing and Taylor is a great character charismatic alluring but believably damaged I also love the idea of a book set in the theatre world which is continually fascinating There's narrative momentum to the way events unfold What exactly is going on between Dionysus and Taylor How far do his powers extend and does Kristen have a hope in hell of undoing the damage he's convinced her to d. From what I've read this story unfolds from an excellent idea and is brilliantly executed I'm hooked

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God of WineWhen god Dionysus manipulates the lives of two struggling performers the conseuences are as dramatic as theatre itself God of Wine is a dark tale of alcoholism obsession and a decision that will mean life or death to a troubled Broadway star HarperCollins UK Review of God of Wine This is a great idea for a novel The morally ambiguous god of theatre and debauchery interfering with the lives of two bright young t. Set in NYC on the Upper West Side all through Central Park and all the way to the stages of Broadway God of Wine is the story of Kristen a young woman from Minnesota with stars in her eyes love in her heart and a voice for her song and Taylor a renowned Broadway star with a Pandora's box of demons issues and selfishness that envies no other It seems like a match made in heaven but they are two people both struggling in very different ways but all for the same thing LoveKristen uickly becomes a character you can almost identify with she is strong willed blindly being lead almost by the hand by Dionysus the mysterious God of Wine Dionysus professes his love for Taylor and uickly he and Kristen develop a plan so she can have Taylor all to herself She doesn't think of the conseuences of her actions until it becomes too much to handle but by that time it is too late She is at the mercy of the obsessive Dionysus who will stop at nothing to possess Taylor She doesn't seem to understand that her pact was made with the devil who will until the very end manipulate every scene every single moment to get HIS finale which is all of Taylor with no room for Kristen or anyone else in the pictureThroughout the story we see Taylor and his addiction His past infidelities are mentioned as well as his voracious appetite for booze his antics causing many professional and personal disasters throughout his life It shines through to the forefront when they are finally together after weeks of Kristen and Dionysus scheming planning and ultimately breaking Taylor's spirit He wages a battle with alcoholism at its worst form Kristen's voice is heartbreaking raw and gritty she is condemning herself for her part in Taylor's downfall she often times seems to convince herself to tell the truth to free herself of the burden of the lies she created to make Taylor love her Dionysus makes appearances to remind her of what she wanted all along and to remind her of the small fact that this is what she asked for the man she loved She steps into the role of the ultimate enabler still thinking all they needed was love and love was all they needed to heal was each other But she just can't ever seem to take the step to tell Taylor the truth which leaves me sad for her A part of me wishes she could have evolved as a character to take responsibility for her actions which lead to the downward spiral that Taylor's life had taken she often found herself close to coming clean to him but never uite doesIn a very climactic ending we find out who wins the battle of the will and whose love is ultimately the strongest; Kristen's for Taylor or Taylor's for Dionysus and his addiction We get a real look into what alcoholism can do to a person suffering with addiction physically mentally and emotionally as well as the people who love them and how addiction can even affect the people who don't have the strength to love any

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God of Wine Characters Å 107 æ When god Dionysus manipulates the lives of two struggling performers the conseuences are as dramatic as theatre itself God of Wine is a dark tale of alcoholism obsession and a decision that will mean life or death to a troubled Broadway star HarperCollins UK Review of God of Wine This is a great idea for a novel The moralHings on Broadway Taylor a star with a dark past and Kristen a hungry young would be actress who will stop at nothing to get what she wants the love of a married man Suspense builds as Kristen abandons one after another of her morals and the two protagonists slowly move towards one another and we suspect romantic tragedy There is great stuff here The romantic tension that builds as Kristen relentless pursues Ta. Anyone who knows me will have no trouble in realizing what attracted me to this book Anything from mythology tends to catch my interest and a novel exploring the duel nature multiple natures of Dionysus seemed right up my street I certainly didn’t pick this book by its cover which despite being based on a good idea looks rather unattractive and no matter what the old adage says might have put me off reading the novel yep I’m pretty fickle The book itself the important bit was uite wonderful I enjoyed almost every aspect of the novel and I could see this becoming one of my favourite books assuming it stands up to the test of timeThe story follows several actors as their lives are woven together and torn apart by the enigmatic Dionysus The characters are not always likable not always possible to relate to but they are always interesting and engaging They fit perfectly within the plotThe only part of the novel I struggled with was the fact it’s split into two main halves I’m not good with books that do this and I tend to drift away ‘God of Wine’ had much the same effect on me but to be fair I feel that this is because of my personal preferences as opposed to any failings within the book In fact I appreciated the idea of splitting the novel into Acts Scenes etc It was an extension of the metaphors of theatre and life that run throughout the plotline and this worked really wellAs for the writing style itself I found it to be beautiful It’s uite flowery and embellished but elegant It seems to give the story a certain spiritual weight away from the modern setting There are also some rather profound moments regarding human nature and life in general I think that was why I enjoyed this novel so much It’s a study of human nature of life in general I feel that the plot could be interpreted in so many different ways and has many different nuances that I look forward to exploring when I read the book again Add to this the fact that it’s beautifully written and what’s not to like