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Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention 2012 Highly Recommended by Midwest Reviews Recommended review from Kirkus Reviews Designated Editors Choice by iUniverse Review Board iUniverse Hollywood Coverage recommendation to consider the story for screenplay adaptionSalvatore Esposito Anthony Albanese and Christopher Cameron the Columbus Avenue Boys are somewhat related as they share lineage back to before the turn of century Having grown up together in a small community north of New York City each became successful in his own right Chris moved to Dallas to be a portfolio manager with a financial firm while Sal and Tony earn their living the hard way by being enforcers and major earners for the mobTony’s grandfather Pops Scala tells them a horrific. 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self Published Book AwardsJudge Number 73Structure and Organization 4Grammar 4Production uality and Cover Design 4 Plot if applicable 4Character Development if applicable 4What did you like best about this bookColumbus Avenue Boys is a fascinating story of Italian immigrants their families and their connection to crime and how they escaped its hold on them Several things attracted me The history and how these people fit into it held my interest throughout the book And then the individual stories also were well done It is called 'historical fiction but one can't help wondering how much is true because of the characters that were taken out of real life and added to the novel This interesting book gives the reader a chance to be entertained while learning things of historical interestI just received a Highly Recommended Read by Midwest Book Reviews so I added it to my review page Profiled in September 2012 issueWhen you're in the mob you're in for lifeso getting out is uite the difficult task Columbus Avenue Boys is a story of the mob set in the 1980s Three boys grew up closely tied to the underground of the Gambino crime family As a family patriarch reveals that the Gambinos have strong links to the many deaths of their ancestors fifty years ago Wishing for them to break free from the mob the three must work closely together to bring down the Gambinos while retaining their own lives Columbus Avenue Boys is a riveting tale of criminal intrigue highly recommended reading Willis M Buhle ReviewerhttpwwwmidwestbookreviewcomrbwI received my Kirkus review in May 2012 so I have added it as my own review Kirkus around since 1933 bills themselves as the world's toughest book critic and I appeared to pass their test Yes I believe this story is very good but I am also very biased to my work obviously so besides the great reviews I have received so far I can now confidently give my work 5 stars with this Kirkus review It's worth the read and you will enjoy the story novel tells the decades long story of the mob related Scalamarri family living through good and hard timesIn 1947 mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was killed at his home The identity of his assassin most likely resides somewhere in the lineage of the Scalamarri family who lost 12 of its members in a fire—what came to be known as the Sunday Night Massacre Vincent the surviving son who witnessed the murders tells his story years later to his grandson Tony and friends Sal and Chris all descendants of the Scalamarris Tony and Sal agree to sever all association they have with gangsters and Chris a successful financial advisor works out a deal with a friend at the FBI allowing the other men to act as informants The plan goes awry when wise guys start getting whacked The author’s novel is a preuel of sorts to his previous book Cameron Nation 2011 which featured Chris as the protagonist The title of his latest is a little misleading It’s a reference to the three friends but the plot jumps around the family tree whose branches are depicted throughout the novel with a helpful visual considering the vast number of characters in the book In fact the backstory—Vincent’s involvement with World War II his uest for retribution and his falling in love—is tighter and interesting The author aptly manages freuent leaps sometimes with dark humor As the two timelines converge the novel picks up pace with stellar r

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Columbus Avenue BoysSecret from the Scalamarri Family past twelve members of their family were massacred at the hands of Bugsy Siegel and his ruthless gang from Murder Inc in 1935 Pops was the sole witness and lone survivor and he was than happy to pull the trigger and end Bugsy’s murderous lifeNow fifty years later Pops convinces the Columbus Avenue Boys they must leave the underworld life for good Since one cannot just give two weeks’ notice to the Gambino crime family the three blood brothers devise a plan to infiltrate the inner workings of the Mafia in the 1990s to avenge the massacre in their family treeColumbus Avenue Boys chronicles the Scalamarri family tree throughout the twentieth century and presents a historical perspective of the life and struggles. I was asked by the author to read and review this book which is a preuel to Cameron NationI'm a sucker for a good family saga and this novel really delivers It isn't necessary to read the Acknowledgments at the end to know that the author grew up in the Columbus Avenue area with friends and family that are uite like the ones in the book that the Columbus Avenue Boys are drawn from real life is evident in the richly populated story As I read this book I felt as much at home in Tuckahoe New York as the author didAs with any multigenerational family saga it's sometimes difficult to keep track of who's who and where they belong but the author provides family trees to help the reader keep everyone straight Stick with it because it's worth the effortOne of the things I like about a good family saga is the historical perspective The author does a really excellent job of taking the reader on a journey from Italy to America and straight into the life of the Scalamarri family The details about organized crime made me wonder how much personal experience the author has with that particular aspect of the story Additionally the World War II seuences are well researched and well toldThe story alternates between the story of Vincent Scala the witness to the Scalamarri Scala massacre and the current generation These changes in time are clearly marked just pay attention to the dates that mark these changes or you might get confused Young Vincent's back story is deftly woven into the lives of older Vincent's children and grandchildren who now call him Pops Unaware that association with organized crime had tragic conseuences for their family Sal and Tony start to drift into the life They make a decision to straighten up after Pops tells them about the Scalamarri massacre Easy to get into difficult to get out of they seek the counsel of their good friend Chris CameronThis is not a story about a bunch of Italian mobsters This is a story of family and friends love and revenge and how the past affects the future I was surprised at the ending; although in retrospect I probably shouldn't have been But I was anyway This is not a thrill a second book although there are some gruesome scenes It's not one that kept me up at night because I couldn't wait to reach the end It's like a 7 course meal than a fast food meal I savored it I enjoyed getting to know the characters I snuck back to parts I'd already read to make sure I'd soaked in all the details It has all the elements I enjoy in a book like this family relations strong characterizations a location that comes alive historical details and a good story line If you're up for a 7 course meal you'll enjoy this bookAnd finally the price is right at 199 for the Kindle version Snap it up at that price it's a steal

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Columbus Avenue Boys Summary é 9 ✓ Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention 2012 Highly Recommended by Midwest Reviews Recommended review from Kirkus Reviews Designated Editors Choice by iUniverse Review Board iUniverse Hollywood Coverage recommendation to consider the story for screenplay adaptionSalvatore Esposito Anthony Albanese and ChristopOf an Italian immigrant family as well as that of America’s organized crimeiUniverse Hollywood Coverage commentsDavid Carraturo’s Columbus Avenue Boys is an authentic feeling and compelling gangster drama told from the perspective of its musclemen soldiers opposed to its cunning bosses With the novel’s juxtaposed storylines of immigrants and their sons much of the plot harkens The Godfather Part II; likewise its portrayal of soldiers and FBI informants is reminiscent of contemporary gangster films such as Donnie Brasco and Goodfellas Carraturo writes this world with authority making dynamic characters that have often been relegated to filmic clichés while at the same time offering a proud and historic sense of Italian immigration and communi. Christopher Cameron Anthony 'Tony' Albanese and Salvatore 'Sal' Esposito have shared everything growing up together Always considering themselves to be brothers it amuses them to know that somewhere down the branches and limbs of the Scalamarri family tree the three boys are related Always joking hanging out and helping out each other is what they have always doneWhen Christopher leaves New York for Texas and a new job it doesn't affect the their friendship at all Chris is great with numbers and he's become uite the money wiz Chris is very careful to keep everything legal he's looking toward the future and hopes to see himself seated behind the desk at the white house His wife a wonderful woman will do what she can to help Chris And of course his 2 bros Tony and Sal will help all they can as wellTony and Sal like New York and they like money They also like to lift weights and keep in very good shape They meet Jimmy Tree and he asks them to work for him Tony and Sal know the risks of working for the mob but figure the money makes it worthwhile Plus they got each others backs and if they have to they can call in Chris Chris knows what they do and is always trying to talk them into going legit but the pull of money is still strongerTony and Sal hear some very disturbing news from Pops Tony's 77 year old grandfather This news changes everything for the guys but they need Chris's help Sal and Tony arrange to meet Chris in Texas and take a long drive into New Orleans and to run some numbers More importantly to Sal and Tony they need to tell Chris what they've learned from Pops and to come up with a payback planAs the story of the 3 men moves forward we are treated to flashbacks involving other members of the Scalamarri family tree It never feels awkward but flows smoothly through weaving past with present The characters are all well rounded individuals with good and bad habits and traits The description of the modern day casinos in Atlantic City to the underground cellar in Vincent's parents home to riding the rails in 1935 the author makes these places come alive A great read