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Caçadores de Cabeças Free download à 5 Ö Roger Brown é um vilão sedutor um homem ue parece ter tudo é o caçador de cabeças mais bem sucedido da Noruega procura e seleciona altos uadros para as maiores empresas casado com uma elegante galerista e proprietário de uma casa luxuosa Mas por detrás desta fachada de sucesso Roger Brown gaPresenta o ao holandês Clas Greve e Roger percebe imediatamente ue não pode deixar escapar auela oportunidade Clas Greve não é apenas o candidato perfeito ao cargo de diretor geral ue ele tem de recrutar para a empresa Pathfinder como ainda tem em seu poder o famoso uadro de Rubens A Caça ao Javali de Caledónia Roger identifica aui a possibilidade de se tornar financeiramente independente e começa a planear o se. Nesbø moves away from his police procedurals to offer this highly intriguing story that offers up excitement on par with any Harry Hole novel Roger Brown has made a niche for himself as a corporate headhunter in Oslo's business world While his commissions pay him well Brown finds himself living a luxurious lifestyle; one that reuires a second and lucrative paycheue During interviews Brown finds himself fishing for personal information about candidates particularly surrounding their art collections The reader soon learns that Brown is happy to use this knowledge to steal numerous pieces and replace them with forgeries When Brown is introduced to Clas Greve at an art gallery they hit it off and seem destined to work together Greve has his eye on a Norwegian technology company and hopes Brown can work his magic and place Greve in the CEO's chair After learning that Greve possesses a rare piece of art Brown proceeds with his plan However Greve may be than Brown can handle and things soon spiral out of control leaving Brown to scramble and try to make sense of this new reality In a cat and mouse game that sees Brown and Greve dodging one another the reader learns that this clash has less to do with art or headhunting but a primal sense of survival In this fast paced novel that pushes the boundaries of the thriller genre Nesbø captivates the reader as the story progresses and the truth about both men becomes clear Certainly a step away from the dark world of police detectives but a novel that Nesbø fans should not missHaving almost completed the entire Nesbø collection of novels at least those geared to adults and translated into English I can speak with some authority that there seems to be little the author cannot accomplish This story is less 'cops and robbers and corporate espionage and personal headhunting While it reminds me of another favourite author of mine Nesbø is able to carve out his own niche and keep the story flowing effectively There is no point at which I could say things lagged or the ideas seemed repetitive from the other work I have read Nesbø knows his audience but is also able to steer his writing in new and exciting directions Roger Brown can be loved at some points and hated at others never shying away from the cutthroat man that he appears to be in the opening chapters Nesbø fans are in for a treat when they curl up to devour this piece of fictionKudos Mr Nesbø for another wonderful story Formidable work though that seems to be an understatementLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at

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Roger Brown é um vilão sedutor um homem ue parece ter tudo é o caçador de cabeças mais bem sucedido da Noruega procura e seleciona altos uadros para as maiores empresas casado com uma elegante galerista e proprietário de uma casa luxuosa Mas por detrás desta fachada de sucesso Roger Brown gasta mais do ue pode e dedica se ao perigoso jogo do roubo de obras de arte Na inauguração de uma galeria a mulher Diana a. I never thought I would say this about a Jo Nesbø book but this one was a very average read I found it difficult to get past how totally ridiculous the main character was with his delusions of grandeur and then parts of the plot were just too far fetched to be readable the sewage scene was both disgusting and ludicrousThings picked up once the real chase was on and Roger Brown started to use his brain and other people's guns to great effect And then the author dumped one of the silliest endings ever on us This would probably make a good TV series It did not make a good book

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Caçadores de CabeçasU maior golpe de sempre Mas depressa se vê em apuros e desta vez não são financeirosEm Caçadores de Cabeças Jo Nesbo envolve nos numa conspiração explosiva nos meandros da elite industrial e financeira ue culmina no submundo de assassinos contratados e vigaristas Uma sucessão de homicídios surpreendentes perseguições e fugas espetaculares capazes de prender até à última página o mais exigente dos leitore. A clever and elegant portrait of the dark excesses of our corporate culture as revealed through a desperate cat and mouse game between figures reaching for the top of the heap My moderate rating reflects only my personal level of pleasure in the same way that I can admire a painting such as Munch’s “The Scream” without wanting to dwell with it very long Roger Brown is an effete manipulating cad who strives to be the best as his executive headhunting agency Alfa in Oslo You can’t appreciating the artfulness in all the psychological tricks he uses to assure that without fail he picks the best man for the CEO positions he is well paid to fill and that his client candidates get perfectly placed in high positions I came to see how he deserved the luxurious lifestyle he leads and his beautiful trophy wife Diana who runs an art gallery That he truly loves her makes us see him as human But such a love can prove to be an Achilles heel and denying such a wife’s desire to have a baby can have conseuencesRoger’s greed sows the seeds for trouble In developing a Dutch candidate for a GPS technology company one Clas Greve Brown learns he owns a Reubens lost during World War 2 Because Brown lives beyond his means he has a hobby of art theft Is the well crafted theft of this Reubens revealed on the book jacket just another bad boy behavior we can kind of admire or does this finally move you the reader to root for his downfall As Greve starts taking actions against Brown does he become the hero of the tale With his military background as an ex special forces soldier and an expert in advanced technologies he is a dangerous opponent The shadowy war between Brown and Greve takes a nasty turn when Diana becomes a pawn in the matchThis was my first Nesbo and served as a good prelude to tapping into his Harry Hole detective series which is so well respected in the vanguard of the wave of Nordic noir mysteries reaching the American shores