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Summary Olivia By Donna Sturgeon ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ú Olivia Hanson has spent most of her twenty five years staring wistfully across the tracks to the north side of town longing for a white picket fence and normal—something she’s never known Born in a prison and abandoned by her mother Olivia was raised inLes head over heels into what she believes is the happily ever after kind of love she has been longing for But the road to happiness is not as easy as it looks It’s a long winding journey of self discovery full of potholes pregnancy tests lobster tattoos Walmart scooters impromptu weddings hump happy Boston terriers and a sexy but oh so annoying police officer who pops up around every curve. Olivia is FUBARthat's what makes her so awesome She's feisty and bitchy and will knock you on your ass Loved this

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Olivia Hanson has spent most of her twenty five years staring wistfully across the tracks to the north side of town longing for a white picket fence and normal something she’s never known Born in a prison and abandoned by her mother Olivia was raised in South Juliette by her father Eugene a knee bouncing chain smoking loner with a Cheez Doodle addiction Olivia drinks too much loses her hear. 03222013 Overall Rating Book Cover Book Blurb 3 5 4 StarsWriter’s Voice 5 StarsCharacter Development 5 StarsStory Appreciation 5 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars Free on Absolutely Amazing Everything about this book just blew me away This book was a beautiful bit of uirk that I didn't want to end I'm trying to think of all the wonderful things I need to say to get you to read this book right away READ THIS NOWWhat did I like about this book1 All the characters There wasn't a single one that I didn't find valuable to this story We have Olivia who is just well she's oh you know I can't describe her She is just everything She is that person who thinks of themselves as not real pretty not real smart just okay or passable but who has a heart of gold Who is that person everyone gravitates to She has such presence such energy and such compassion and love Her father Eugene loves her She knows that but it isn't a love like you're used to He definitely grows on you You have Clete and George I can't tell you much about either of these two or I would give things away and you really need to read this to understand2 The utterly beautiful uirky writing This author paints such pictures and uses humor in such a remarkable way The very first paragraph had me laughing not going to tell you what it is you just need to read it yourself There were several times I was either shaking my head over something Olivia would say or do God loves her even when she doesn't love herself We watch her evolution as she figures it all out Through it all we have the author's stellar story telling I am immediately buying her other published book I hope I like it half as much as this one3 I am a book hoarder I pull down those Freebies daily I'll cruise through and if a book looks good and has decent ratings I'll get it I try to read one or two a month I pull down one or two a day see my issue All this to tell you the blurb grabbed me so hard I read this book the day I pulled it down free It caught me with it's bit of uirky humor Most times when this happens I'm disappointed This is so not the case this time This book is why we take the risk on new authors Sometimes we find the mother lode We find real diamonds When we do we want to tell the world This author this book is the real deal Remarkable4 For me this was an Freebie I have to tell you twice this year so far I've found wonderful new authors to add to my favored author list This is the same number I found all of last year I found them Free through I made a pact with myself this year to read some of these Freebie's I pull down and am tickled to death it has worked out so well for me I want to thank these authors for doing this For giving us a chance to experience them free of charge They are hoping we will do like I'm doing now Love their book and write a review For me A very small price to pay for the joy of a story like this oneDid I not like anything1 There were uite a few characters; primary and secondary There were a few places I got lost with a character and had to think about who I was reading about Definitely not a huge issue but notable2 The cover doesn't really do much for the book When you read the book the train tracks make sense but if you want to grab a reader and tell them YOU MUST READ MY BOOK This cover just doesn't do it It isn't bad but not great either AND this book deserves greatThis was such a feel good story I hated to see it end I loved Liv I loved Clete I loved Eugene and Georgie I didn't want to see them go I wanted to watch the next 40 years with Jack and DianeThis one is now on my favorites list This author is now a favored author Any person who can write a book like this be such a master with words and characterization is not a fluke Just can't happenGotta' say this again I LOVED THIS BOOKYou will too Happy Reading

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Olivia By Donna SturgeT too easily and works in a factory as uality control a mundane job she’d sworn would only be temporary not the permanent drudgery it has become Her only joy in life comes in the form of late night slow dances with hot bartender George who can set her body on fire with his kisses but is unwilling to go any furtherThe day Olivia accidentally backs her Buick into a black Dodge pickup she tumb. Well what can I say about Olivia I could not stand this character I liked her in the beginning but she just got annoying as the story went alongWhere as everyone in her life sees her as uirky and uniue I saw her as extremely immature and irresponsibleugh she's annoying I'm going to have to read the book again I hate giving a badfair review If I find I like it better the 2nd time I'll update my reviewAnd the whole am I gay or straight no i'm gay but i want to be with you forever and I love you than anyone except i'm gay so you have to accept that I'm sorry I call bs So did not like that part