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Better Than Catnip review ¶ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Roxy Williams adores cats Always has That’s why she devotes her life to running her stray cat shelter But is that enough Isn’t there a man out there who will love her for who she is A special man who won’t try to change her or ask her to choose between him and her catsMErience How will they get through this traumatic experienceRoxy and Max feel the strong attraction pulling them together as Max volunteers at the shelter too Will they be able to keep the spark alive Or will Derek’s fears come between them. Derek has just moved in with his father whom he barely knows and has already gotten in trouble at school Now he has a choice between community service and juvenile detention His father Max signs him up for the only available community service option Roxy's cat shelter Unfortunately he doesn't realize that Derek is terrified of cats due to an unfortunate incident when he was a young child Fortunately Max is a teacher and has plenty of time to join Derek at the shelter to help things a little easier and spend some time getting to know himThis story is Roxy's story but its also about the relationship between Derek and Max I loved seeing Derek getting to know both Max and Roxy Max and Roxy's easy flirting is fun to read and seeing how much Max cares about his son makes you really root for him to figure everything out I really loved this book It was a good easy read with characters I liked and cared about Note I received the book in exchange for an honest review from the 'clean reads' site

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Roxy Williams adores cats Always has That’s why she devotes her life to running her stray cat shelter But is that enough Isn’t there a man out there who will love her for who she is A special man who won’t try to change her or ask her. I was very impressed with how real the characters seemed to be I immediately liked Roxy the cat whisperer and loved how devoted she was to caring for cats in need of homes because as she points out people tend to only want cute cuddly kittens They forget that kittens grow up SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT One part in particular really broke my heart A box holding several kittens that are so small their eyes still aren't open is abandoned tossed out like garbage It tugged at my emotions and had me crying and wanting to hunt down the people responsible I was sad and disgusted to think of someone having such disregard for precious lives and at the same time happy that the kittens were rescued by Roxy Any time an author can elicit such strong emotions and such a mixture of emotions from a reader it's just plain good writing END SPOILERI also loved and could relate to Max His actions as a father and the love and gentleness he showed to Roxy's cats melted my heart He is a true hero in my eyes Max is the type of father every child should have a person who believes in tough love AND showing loveAnother delightful surprise was Hartman showing her humorous side on than one occasion I especially enjoyed how Roxy handled people who came into the shelter I won't give anything away but I can tell you I laughed out loud than once and re read one scene a couple of times because Roxy really turned the tables on some people visiting the shelterWhether you like cats or not this book is a great make you feel good read You'll find yourself smiling at the end

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Better Than CatnipTo choose between him and her catsMax Weller has a problem His son Derek must complete community service for fighting at school The only available place is the stray cat shelter But Derek is terrified of cats from a frightening childhood exp. This is a definite book for cat lovers if you don't like cats you wont want to read this book as it takes place at a cat shelter The owner is Roxy and most of the story is around the cats or involving cats in the shelter with some romance One day a boy and his father come to the shelter just before opening and tell Roxy that the boy Derek is there for community service Derek's dad Max is a hunk in Roxy's eyes and she is interested in him sticking around to help at the shelter with his son Max and Roxy start to fall for each other but with all romances there ups and downs and sometimes obstacles This is a great romance comes with one big obstacle Derek has a huge fear of cats Cats are Roxy's whole world and she doesn't really want to live without them but she really likes Max Roxy is trying to help Derek overcome his huge fear of cats This novel moves at a great pace not too rushed but not slow moving either I love how Derek is put in a place to have to either run or overcome his cat fears Roxy and Max both need to learn to have a relationship when a kid is involved and Max is just really becoming a father as he didn't have custody to his son until now