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Mpulkan uang demi membeli robot ituSyukurlah ada Mrs Miracle yang membantu Selain membuat anak anak bahagia tidak ada yang lebih disukainya daripada membantu orang lain dan itu termasuk sedikit menjodohk. Once again Debbie Macomber delivers in this delightful Christmas tale that takes us back to what it was like as a child and the deep longing for that really special Christmas giftGabe’s mom had passed away years ago His dad Mickey was doing his best raising him with some help from his parents However after the devastating earthuake in Haiti his parents decided that their retirement would be best spent volunteering over there Then unexpectedly Mickey’s national guard unit was called back to Afghanistan Mickey had no one else so he asked his sister Holly to watch over Gabe while he was gone Holly knew next to nothing when it came to children Her ex boyfriend Bill’s words kept echoing through her head about how she was not mother material This made her panic Jake Finley has never been able to live up to his father’s expectations of him His father had hardened his heart after his mom and sister died on Christmas Eve 21 years ago So when Jake went against the store’s buyer and ordered 500 of the Intellytron Robots he already expected his dad’s fury With stress and hurt at an all time high Mrs Miracle steps in as a holiday employee at Finley’s department store From there a tale of wonder is spun and needs to be read to truly be cherished I heard that they made this one into a movie for the Hallmark Channel I wanted to make sure that I read it before watching it Now I can’t wait to see the movie I am sure that its going to be as great as the book

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Call Me Mrs MiracleHolly Larson juga membutuhkan keajaiban Ia ingin memberi keponakannya yang berusia delapan tahun Gabe Natal yang layak diterima anak itu Kakak laki laki Holly yang sudah duda sedang menjalani tugas milit. HonestlyI did really like this And it's a matter of that solid star because I smiled a lot even though it was certainly over the topsomethingI don't know Basically it was all about the guy He was adorable and I really loved him as a person So for him I give this a three Otherwise I'd really rather have been reading something else honestly 'Tis the season Ho ho hooooo lol

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Call Me Mrs. Miracle Review ✓ 100 Ú Holly Larson juga membutuhkan keajaiban Ia ingin memberi keponakannya yang berusia delapan tahun Gabe Natal yang layak diterima anak itu Kakak laki laki Holly yang sudah duda sedang menjalani tugas militer dan tidak bisa pulang merayakan Natal tapi setidaknya Holly bisa memberi Gabe robot mainan dari FinleyEr dan tidak bisa pulang merayakan Natal tapi setidaknya Holly bisa memberi Gabe robot mainan dari Finley’s satu satunya hadiah yang sangat diinginkan keponakannya Jika ia bisa mencari cara untuk mengu. I put a hold on this in Overdrive while I was in the mood to read Christmas books And it was after I'd watched it on television over Thanksgiving The best thing I can say about it was that it was a uick readThe television movie was betterThe movie changed some key details For the curious instead of the male lead being all 'we shouldn't get the Intellytron robot' and being vindicated when it's recalled the male lead in the book is all 'I bought us 500 Intellytrons against the advice of our buyer' and is vindicated when it's the hot toy of the season The movie version is 'wholesome' of course right Return to traditional values when train sets were the epitome of ultracool Or somethingThe book is how can people read this stuff on an regular basis Every single word or action is explained in the prose A character can't say hi without Macomber telling us why he said hi She has absolutely no faith in the reader being able to figure out what her characters think and why they do and say the things they do This is even taken to the extreme of repetition Just in case we ever FORGET that the male lead and his dad don't celebrate Christmas because wifemother and daughtersister were killed in a car accident on Christmas decades agoThe only obstacle to the romance in the story seems to be that he's rich and she's not Cliche much They don't even seem to resolve it particularly She just sort of has to get over the fact that he's rich and is a nice guy akshullyI can't like Mrs Miracle either Whatever she is I'm still guessing she's an angel The movie and the book never make that particularly clear She's a busybody and knowitall And nobody finds this at all annoying or creepy Old ladies can get away with anything apparentlyAnd I cannot end the review without mentioning the recipes Random much Who the heck needs a sugar cookie recipe And if you did need one why would you turn to the middle of a fiction book to find one Or are you reading along and are like 'oo sugar cookies Awesome idea I wish I had a recipe' Even random there's a recipe for fried chicken Because she couldn't afford turkey UmmNo idea why the female lead is so poor She has a fulltime job and she's caring for her brother's kid while he's over in Afghanistan I know soldiers aren't paid much but he has no expenses Surely a two income family can support two people Granted they're living in NYC but stillAnd if she is so poor then I can't understand her motivation for wanting to buy the kid a 300 robot that he's just going to tire of or break within a month He's like 8 Oh speaking of the kid acts younger than 8 Or was it 9 He seemed too young to meOh And the gender stuff Kid's all I don't want to make cookies that's girl stuff I don't want to put the seat down on the toilet it's so weird living with a girl And something else And the only one who says anything about his stupid gender ideas is Mrs Miracle who points out that men cook and he should watch the Food Network Why couldn't his aunt point this out at the time he said itFinally there are uotes at the start of each chapter Some of them I thought were kind of amusing But then they got bizarre And downright creepy'Be ye fishers of men You catch 'em and God'll clean 'em Mrs Miracle'Think about that for just one secondYea Um Will not be running out to read any Macombers I shall tell you that