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The Soul of a Chef The Journey Toward PerfectionIn his second in depth foray into the world of professional cooking Michael Ruhlman journeys into the heart of the profession Observing the rigorous Certified Master Chef exam at the Culinary Institute of America the most influen. If you are not a foodie then move along this book is not for you I am a foodie and so is my wife She surprised me with this very cool book at Christmas It is a non fiction tale told in 3 parts the first is about the Culinary Institute of America's CIA certified Master Chef examination; the second part is a case study of a rising star modern chef who is a graduate of the CIA but who does not hold a CMC title; the third part is about an established top American chef and his number one restaurant The writing follows an arc through these seemingly unconnected vignettes examining the journey toward perfection in cooking Most interestingly the author isn't interested in what it takes but rather why does it matter Of course there is the constant probing of what is perfection throughout all parts of the book I loved this book for many reasons I would say though that each of the three parts held my interest in a different way and for different reasons The first part is un put downable fascinating suspenseful It is a peek into a secret world of elite cooking and it is totally fascinating It helps that there are seven candidates taking the 10 day examination and statistically speaking less than 30% will pass So obviously you become tied up in each persons story holding your breath knowing that there is a doomsday prophecy to this whole rigorous painful endeavour Very cool The author takes a very balanced approach to his observations and openly airs his biases he is a CIA graduate too but has not faced the CMC exam He openly acknowledges that most professional chefs disparage the CMC exam siting that it is antiuated unnecessarily complex and irrelevant He also makes a pretty solid case for why the test is in fact important The second part of the book is a look into the success of a rising star in the chef industry and how he has ushered in a new era of fine dining in the Cleveland area it is the personality of the chef himself that seems to fascinate the author and how this chef's has embraced much of the teachings of the CIA but has also left himself room to be relaxed extroverted generous even boisterous In a sense he brings a sense of balance to the sterile and puritan ways taught at the CIA and he does so without sacrificing techniue or skill We are left asking Is this closer to true perfection in the culinary world The third part exams yet another successful American chef Thomas Keller and his monumentally successful and highly lauded French Laundry restaurant in California Here we are shown the crazy amount of work that goes into being the best on a daily basis The French Laundry is Thomas Keller and vice versa He routinely works 14 hour days and longer because he HAS to have things this certain way His attention to every detail including the actual design layout and daily functioning of the kitchen makes the restaurant attractive to work in This attracts top sous chefs and staff This top calibre team all strive to personify and deliver the vision that is Keller's because thy believe in it too His idea of perfection becomes their idea Is this kind of drive reuired for perfection Perhaps in terms of a nationally recognized restaurant Keller spends a lot of time mentoring teaching correcting managing and mentally evaluating his staff But in a uiet moment with the author Keller himself confesses that despite his unparallelled success his idea of perfection is different from his French Laundry He speaks of a kitchen in which all the chefs and staff share an unspoken conviction to upholding an exact standard of excellence such that communication about where things should be how things should be done and what should take priority all become unnecessary Things would just flow Excellence would just be Perhaps such harmony within a busy kitchen is the ultimate form of perfection for a chef at Keller's level In an environment of perfect harmony the only thing that reuires attention is the transformation of food into new and wonderful flavour experiences provided the skills techniues and knowledge have all been acuired beforehand which connects the theme back to the CIA and classical training Cool book

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Tial cooking school in the country Ruhlman enters the lives and kitchens of rising star Michael Symon and renowned Thomas Keller of the French Laundry This fascinating book will satisfy any reader's hunger for knowledge about coo. Ruhlman from Ohio Dude can write a food book

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review The Soul of a Chef The Journey Toward Perfection Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ In his second in depth foray into the world of professional cooking Michael Ruhlman journeys into the heart of the profession Observing the rigorous Certified Master Chef exam at the Culinary Institute of America the most King and food the secrets of successful chefs at what point cooking becomes an art form and Like Ruhlman's The Making of a Chef this is an instant classic in food writing one of the fastest growing and most popular subjects today. It took me a moment to get into this book But once it had me it held me I am a sucker for a chef's memoir and this was an in depth foray into not only the world of a chef but also into the heart mind and yes the soul of a chef I found myself pining for my kitchen days and wondering who I would have been if I had gone to culinary school instead of college The book is broken down into three parts one addresses the incredibly difficult CIA Grand Master test which just seemed grueling and hyper critical to me Then we moved to Cleveland to meet chef Michael Symon and see how one restaurant can change the way an entire city thinks about foodThe third section deals with Thomas Keller in the French Laundry I'll tell you what this section alone reminded me about taking one's time to make sure every detail is perfect Keller is so mindful of everything he does and it really resonated with me My Thanksgiving dinner this year was the best I've ever made and I thank this book for that For reminding me to be a thoughtful chef Thank you