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Four Views on Christian Spirituality Review µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Amid a culture that is both fascinated by spirituality and inundated by a dizzying variety of options for pursuing it many Christians long for a deeper historically rooted spiritual life In Four Views on Christian Spirituality general edAmid a culture that is both fascinated by spirituality and inundated by a dizzying variety of options for pursuing it many Christians long for a deeper historically rooted spiritual life In Four Views on Christian Spirituality general editor Bruce Demarest presents an invaluable resource for study and comparison of the major Christian perspectives on spiritual formation Contributors. The four position papers by Bradley Nassif Orthodoxy Scott Hahn Roman Catholic Joe Driskill ProgressiveMainline and Evan Howard Evangelical were clear and informative Bruce A Demarest introduction is fine though the team should have agreed on a clearer definition of spirituality to save time first The responses of each author to the other were fair clear and short with particular deference shown to Nassif and Eastern Orthodoxy I wish the essays were a little dicier and distinctive For example I was frustrated that Driskill did not press on patriarchy and Christ's character or that Nassif was not assertive and descriptive about the imagistic and iconic aspects of real life Orthodox experience or that Hahn did not greatly like sacramental spirituality and uestions of obedience and mission or that Howard did not greatly emphasize restoration and spirit living or the Black experience of faith or global growth in evangelicalism I am surprised the authors didn't address the uestion of cultural dominance and fading faith The book also shows that 2012 is a long way from 2019 in American history which surprises meBesides the fact that it is another all male cast in the otherwise great Counterpoints series by Zondervan Demarist's conclusion was terrible It was neither a good summary nor a fair assessment but basically all the places that evangelicalism is right and the others wrong Four Views on Christian Spirituality is a good introductory text for those wanting to explore the contours of Christian spirituality but I would recommend instead Simon Chan's Spiritual Theology Sandra Schneider's cross disciplinary work or particular practitioner thinkers like Eugene Peterson or Kathleen Norris

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’ chapters on Eastern Orthodoxy Roman Catholicism Evangelicalism and Liberal Protestantism collected side by side easily allow for the beliefs and emphases of the viewpoints to be thoughtfully considered all in pursuit of greater understanding and spiritual growth The four viewpoints are given eual opportunity in the hands of the following capable scholars and each proponent’s c. I find it enjoyable instructive and challenging to read books by people from a variety of views and books that bring together multiple views and have the authors interact with each other provide one of the best ways to do this So I was excited to read this book that presents views of Orthodox Catholic progressive Protestant and evangelical ChristiansI think I learned uite a bit from each section though less in the case of the evangelical view not because it was not very well presented but because that being my own background little there was new to me I grew up in a progressive Protestant church but have wondered sometimes whether my view of it had been skewed by my youth as I left when I was 14 upon being converted in a fundamentalist church and the extreme contrast between those two traditions Based on that section the church of my childhood as I remember it was very typical of that progressive traditionI'm not sure whether to consider it a limitation of this book or reflecting the very nature of the differences among these views that each chapter approached the subject using a different framework making it difficult to draw direct comparisons and contrasts among them The editor does this in the conclusion but his view clearly is that of the evangelical so I wonder how the Orthodox Catholic and progressive Protestant would written that kind of concluding chapterWhen I read books years ago on the different world religions I was struck by how far from being similar at their core as some people claim they don't come up with either the same or different answers to a standard set of uestions but rather provide answers to very different uestions I got somewhat the same sense reading this book that it is hard to compare the different views because their basic approach to spirituality is distinctly different But I guess that's what makes each of them what it is and from reading this book I understand each better

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Four Views on Christian SpiritualityHapter is followed by responses from the other three • Brad Nassif Eastern Orthodoxy • Scott Hahn Roman Catholicism • Evan Howard Evangelicalism • Joe Driskill Liberal Protestantism In the end an increased familiarity with each of the different schools of Christian thought will aid readers seeking spiritual transformation for themselves their family members and their churche. A solid overview of these four views My only point of contention is that the editor really tips his hat to what he thinks is the right view he’s an evangelical through and through and his conclusion makes that evident That is he doesn’t approach the other views with the amount of intellectual humility and impartiality one would expect from the editor who’s job is general to conclude by moving towards integrating all the views rather than by making his personal opinion incredibly obvious Overall a thought provoking and helpful read