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Gone By Cathi HanauFrom the editor of the New York Times bestselling essay anthology The Bitch in the House and the novel Sweet Ruin comes a compelling domestic drama about a woman who must hold her family together after her husband disappearsIt is every woman’s nightmare or fondest dream Her husband leaves to drive the babysitter home and doesn’t return Thus begins Gone Cathi Hanauer’s sexy tension filled new novel     For the past fourteen years Eve Adams has worked part time. She loved watching men cut down trees Especially when as now there was a sapling nearby that would thrive without its expiring ancestor to steal its sunlight and root spaceGone by Cathi Hanauer I was SO excited to read this one Gone looked great It tells the story of Eve and EricEve is a nutritionist Eric is a sculptor Eve's career is thriving Eric's is notOne night Eric leaves the house to take the Baby sitter home He should be gone only a few minutes Buthe n ever comes homeEric has absconded with the Baby Sitter Eve has no idea what is going on and where the two of them have gone She just knows that all of a sudden she is a single mom whose husband has literally run awayWhat a premise And how realistic I have known women whom similar things have happened toIt's a pretty terrifying premise and every wife's worst nightmareBut the book fell flat for me It wasn't awful or even not good I read till the end But I had a few issues Here are some of themt I disliked Eve's husband I disliked him so much that it was hard for me to relate to him The husband Eric treated Eve really badly It was hard for me to have much sympathy for himI did like Eve and was surprised by how much inner strength she had in dealing with her vanishing husbandThere were way to many descriptions of food in this book I mean whole paragraphs That is OK I guess but at times it did feel I was reading a cooking manual I know that is Eve's career but it was still a bit muchThe baby sitter it turns out is not sexually involved with Eric at all Not a spoiler since you find that out early on She has another reason for needing to abscond with Eric And her story really did not interest me much It just didn't So I was not very investedAll in all I enjoyed some aspects of the book then the book as a whole but it is possible I am not the target audience for itI thought it was going to be uite different then it wound up being Still I would not call Gone a bad book at all It just was not the book for meSPOILERS I felt awful when Eve's client died and did not see that comingEric's angst over his talent being gone made me feel for him a bit but his callousness toward Eve made it difficultGone was not a bad read but it was not one I was wild over

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Free read Gone By Cathi Hanauer ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á From the editor of the New York Times bestselling essay anthology The Bitch in the House and the novel Sweet Ruin comes a compelling domestic drama about a woman who must hold her family together after her husband disappearsIt is every woman’s nightWhile raising her two children and emotionally supporting her sculptor husband Eric through his early fame and success Now at forty two she suddenly finds herself with a growing career of her own even as Eric’s career sinks deeper into the slump it slipped into a few years ago     After a dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate Eve’s success Eric drives the babysitter home and simply doesn’t come back Eve must now shift the family in possibly irreparable w. Oh how I loved this book Eve Adams is a forty two year old woman struggling to maintain the balance between home and work; her husband Eric a once brilliant sculptor has lost his muse and conseuently the ability to support his family To help make ends meet Eve has embarked on a career as a freelance nutritionist following the success of her recently published book on health and weight loss Feeling and superfluous with each day that passes Eric leaves to take the babysitter home one night and just doesn’t come home Blindsided Eve must figure out where he has gone and why without damaging him in the eyes of their two children especially their capricious fourteen year old daughterTold from the points of view of both Eve and Eric Gone deals with a range of contemporary issues including health and fitness the meaning of art survival in a faltering economy the challenge of raising teenagers and marriage and fidelity It is a realistic portrait of two complex human beings; as a single woman who often feels like I am simply playing the best hand I can with the cards life deals me I could relate very well to Eve and her thoughts feelings and decisions This book kept me up late at night turning the pages all the way until the highly satisfying conclusion Very highly recommended

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Ays forcing her to realize that competence in one area of life doesn’t always keep things from unraveling in another      Gone is a novel about change and about redefining in middle age everything from one’s marriage to one’s career to one’s role as a best friend parent and spouse It is a novel about passion and forgiveness and knowing when to let something go and when to fight to hold onto it; about learning to say goodbye but if you’re lucky not forever. I've read other things written by this author so I was really surprised by how little I cared for this book Demographically age approx kids' ages I have some things in common with the main character Eve and yet I found her uncompelling and even hard to believe In fact a good way in to the book 200 pages in I was startled to realize that I still had not developed affection for any on the characters Eve's husband an artist who is evidently temperamental albeit in the blandest of ways suddenly takes off across the country right after date night while ostensibly driving the college age sitter home The sitter is vaguely undermining of their marriage but also rather bland and not fleshed out Over the following weeks Eve lets his phone calls to her go unanswered Really She doesn't give in to any temptation to yell at him or make sure he is OK or ask what his plans are or put a guilt trip on him or ask him about any household business NOTHING In fact she becomes aware that he is texting with her 14 yr old daughter and she doesn't even peek at the texts She just decides to soldier on as a single mom no clue where her husband's head is not knowing whether this will be permanent And unless I missed it she doesn't seem to be devastated emotionally nor relieved Just eh Her journey as single mom is not very compelling either She already works so nothing new to take on there and when money is a tad tight she sells one of hubby's sculptures for 10K No biggieMeanwhile her again FOURTEEN YEAR OLD daughter was insufferable to me as a reader even right away before dad's departure has taken a toll I have a daughter about this age and I cannot conceive of the dynamic here Magnolia is beyond mouthy huge chip on her shoulder very put upon sneaky snotty vulgar And the mom just goes with it rather than seem dorky and old by putting her in her place Wimp Magnolia bullies her mother who at one point drives Maggie and a fast living friend on a mini shopping spree on Eve's dime for things like a Victoria's Secret push up bra The sexy clothes Magnolia's friend tells Eve will really show Magnolia's cock sucker ex boyfriend Yes she says this to a mom And the mom doesn't react On the way home Eve lets them hop out of her car to go hang with some creepy looking grown MEN that Eve doesn't know the names of And God forbid Eve demand a curfew or ask for names of people or details of where they are going The only time Eve seems ticked is when Magnolia comes home with a nose piercing that was poorly done by some acuaintance and it has become infected I didn't necessarily need for Eve to flip out on her daughter but the behaviors and choices warranted at the very least a sit down conversation Eve seemed to shrug it off with little than an eye roll She could discuss it with her pointless best friend but Loretta is too self absorbed with her new baby so all she seems to want to talk about is how her baby is on and off her boobAt any rate the amount of time I gave this book was disproportionate to what I feel I received from it and to spend any additional time on this review would be further tipping the scale