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Women in the Ancient World Review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ This book takes a fresh look at visual representations of women in the ancient Near East Egypt Greece and Rome and analyzes them for indications of women’s roles in these societies After examining their traditional functioUdes toward female nudity The text is packed with uotations from contemporary sources that reveal details about women in the ancient world often with surprising resonance for our own time The illustrations many specially commissioned include public art and domestic artifacts sculptures wall and mummy case paintings engravings silver objects and jewelry . Absolutely fascinating and a very uick read Don't agree on her assessment of everything in here eg unwise to take those almost mythical reports of Cleopatra's suicide by poisoning herself with asps at face value but as a gentle introduction this book provides some fantastically eye opening material for thinking about how differently and similarly women existed in ancient historical cultures by comparison to our own

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Mparing images and attitudes of each society reveal whether the women portrayed are meant to be examples of perfect femininity or the object of scorn faithful wives or untouchable priestesses or high living prostitutes Depictions of goddesses and the dress and adornments of women are analyzed for what they divulge about ideals of feminine beauty and attit. I know this makes me sound nerdy but I really enjoyed this book It was nothing short of an exuiste eye opening journey detailing in exactly society is the way it is and that no it's not a coincedence that a lot of men act like mysoginistic pigs it's inherited through time By far the best book that I read for my research project so far though occasionally hinting at inapropros content but hey that's horrible history Thanks to Jenifer Neils I am now armed with newfound knowledge to rant about anytime I come across the subject of feminism past and present brought up or not Ace

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Women in the Ancient WorldThis book takes a fresh look at visual representations of women in the ancient Near East Egypt Greece and Rome and analyzes them for indications of women’s roles in these societies After examining their traditional functions as wives and mothers the author presents evidence of women’s participation in the public and religious spheres Juxtapositions co. This is a good overview book as it touches on many different ways in which women are depicted in ancient visual works; however i'd definitely stress it as an overview Neils doesn't go into depth with anything that gets touched on so if you want discussion of specifics this is probably not your book This was actually a little frustrating to me at some points especially when she brings up the issue of women being depicted at fountain houses on hydriai She does bring up some of the varying ideas as to why this was shown who the the women could be based off of historical evidence how they are shown on the hydriai the discrepancies therein But when i looked at the pictures of the hydriai presented i noticed that there was also imagery of chariot races even Herakles fighting the Nemean Lion on the same hydria painted above below the main image of the women in two separate registers I started to get a little excited because i wanted to see what Neils might say even briefly about what this could mean But she doesn't touch on it at all not even in the short caption that accompanies each image While i have some knowledge that can help me come up with my own possibilities i was looking forward to seeing what someone knowledgeable in the field might say about it There is also the fact that when she briefly mentions the Parthenon frieze the debated central image she only presents one view that of the priest priestess with temple attendant girls boy doesn't even mention the other view I know Neils has written a whole book on the frieze if this is her way of reading it then fine but if someone has picked up this book doesn't know that this part of the frieze can be interpreted differently it seems a little strange to not mention that there is another possible way of reading it even if the author doesn't subscribe to itWhile the title is Women in the Ancient World the cultures presented felt a little unbalanced I don't know if this is because of what is available to people today or if it partially has to do with Neils' area of expertise but i would have liked to see learn from cultures other than the Greeks Romans if possible The images of the objects are amazing If it's an overview book of brief writing sometimes awkwardly worded in a stilted manner it leaves room for the images which are meant to be the centerpieces anyway The photos are very well done you can see so much detail in them The major problem i have had with this book however is the binding I received this as a gift it was still wrapped in plastic I have read through the whole thing once The sections of the pages are sewn together but as i read the whole sections popped out of the binding glue The cover itself which is softcover also detached from the binding glue The book is falling apart after one reading which is surprising upsetting for a book of its cost otherwise good ualityOverall i would say to especially get it for the images of the works discussed If you want in depth discussion of the works what their meanings in the cultures may have been you'll probably want to look for other books That doesn't mean this is a bad book that has no information to give And above all else watch out for the binding