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review American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ì Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found hereGripping eye opening and powerful American Sniper is the astonishing autobiographOus American record was 109 though his remarkable career total has not been made public by the PentagonIn this New York Times bestselling memoir Kyle shares the true story of his extraordinary decade long career including his multiple combat tours in Ira Operation Irai Freedom and else. This book was without a doubt one of the worst pieces of literature I have ever wasted my time withI was recommended this book by a colleague; and I wish I had the hours back that it took to read The author comes across as an unsympathetic often racist gun ho shoot first think later type some of the best uotes I don't shoot people with Korans I'd like to but I don't At times killing was a game Giving them the Irai people the tools they needed to progress is not what my job was all about my job was killing not teachingAh how I cringed at the story of the mentally handicapped child I punched him and slapped him to the groundClassyWhat about his slogan violence does solve problems And to close out Chris attempts to save face I think America does a lot to support people Yeah sure buddyWhat a horrible book

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Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found hereGripping eye opening and powerful American Sniper is the astonishing autobiography of SEAL Chief Chris Kyle who is the record holding sniper in US military history Kyle has than 150 officially confirmed kills the previ. Excellent read absolutely enlightening to how thoroughly enjoyable not to mention competitive war can be to those that are obviously hooked on the adrenaline rush The author is such a man and when promoted out into an office job a planner turns it down because what he wants to do is be right in the middle of the action with a gun and his mates and was willing to put up with all kinds of hardship and danger not to mention turning down a pay rise in order to do so If people honestly still believe that war is something that soldiers absolutely loathe and they only do it to be upright citizens who want to defend their country and way of life they need to read this book and War The Junior Officers' Reading Club Killing Time And Fighting Wars and perhaps Brotherhood of Warriors all ones I have read recently War for conscripts is one thing but these men are all volunteers and they re enlist for further tours until either they get it out of their system or think of something else to do often related like security services This author was the Top Guy the best shooter of them all planning his missions carefully executing them perfectly and who knew taking along his notepad on big missions there was someone there with a laptop detailing the action to make detailed notes about each killing so that he could justify it as was reuired The British and Israelis have to do the same thing Irai Palestinian and Afghani insurgents aren't reuired to justify their killings These Rules of Engagement are just one way and you can be sure that a large amount of the public sympathy is going to go to those who never play by those rules but kill as many as they can Not only that but it is interesting that Americans at least I don't know about the British or Israelis will also treat those they have just wounded sending them to their military emergency hospitalsI like reading about the mechanics of war from all sides whether it be those who some call freedom fighters and others say are terrorists the military and especially the medical teams that try to put all the still alive victims back together again I'm just finishing off Paradise General Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in Ira and have previously read The Dressing Station A Surgeon's Chronicle of War and Medicine It's all very interesting but I am glad so glad I don't have to fight I wasn't built for gore guts or even gloryEdit If you read this book then please read Chris had started a foundation to help troubled vets and was working with one yesterday a young man of 25 when the man fatally shot Chris and and his companion Chris was a wonderful man a family man who had served his country to the best of his ability RIP Chris

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American Sniper The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U S Military HistoryWhere from 1999 2009Kyle’s riveting first person account of how he went from Texas rodeo cowboy to expert marksman and feared assassin offers a fascinating view of modern day warfare and one of the most in depth and illuminating looks into the secret world of Special Ops ever written. I'm hesitant to write a review of this book I'm not a military reader nor do I usually delve into autobiographies But I saw Kyle on a tv interview and liked how he appeared there I have come away from the book with a better understanding of what the guys on the ground experienced vs what the news media has shown us here at home A long time ago when I was studying political science I studied a mission that failed back in the '70's I read first hand accounts from the military commander in charge all the way up to de classified White House stuff I walked away from that assignment thinking that the Colonel who planned the mission and then had to answer to that failure had a better understanding of human nature goals and obstacles than the politicians even wanted to think about I walked away from Kyle's book with the same attitude I wouldn't classify this book as literature Literature implies someone who studies and learns a craft then writes a novel This book is a story It's value doesn't lie in big words or fancy phrases The value is in the fact that is has come out so recently after the events have taken place that memories are still fresh The value of this book is that Kyle wrote the story himself and did not leave it to historians in dusty libraries With time the matter of fact approach will be invaluable to all the poor rubes who will study political science They will have an excellent first hand account to draw from Most of all I've walked away from this book with a sense of gratefulness that I can be sitting here behind my computer with my dog writing a commentary on a warrior's story while my family is safely at work and school Thank you Mr Kyle and military personnel 232013 UpdateI'm so sad to hear about the senseless death of Mr Kyle My condolences to his family and friends May the work he did helping veterans continue