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A mystical dialogue between a male author a thinly disguised Clarice Lispector and hisher creation a woman named Angela this posthumous work has never before been translated Lispector did not even li. The warning label on the cover should read; only a few paragraphs at most two pages at a time This is the breathless language of a woman dying both the narrator and the author herself who is in my reading searching to locate and exist in the true present moment of unadulterated experience Lispector writes in a way that creates for the reader this experience How this is done is not explainable I'm not sure I want it explained willing to leave some things to magic This feat does make A Breath of Life a significant literary achievement of our time The existential battle life's battle itself unfolds in a book she is writing and her frustrations and arguments with her main character Angela Angela in the book within the book is at times the projections of the novelist and at times the fictional character grown into herself Angela feels the weight of time fleeing as unfortunately does the real life author of A Breath Of Life Clarice Lispector died before being able to arrange this material and write a final draft all of this is noted on the cover andor introduction In reading this book i am now myself who has read A Breath Of Life I am deeply grateful for this and note this as a work which underlines the importance of books and readingi am adding to my review above because i believe this book is of such importance that it deserves whatever further precision i can add if our reading of literature is a pursuit of a clearer sight of reality allowing its full impact upon us then who better to express this than someone who is dying and knows she is dying From her deathbed lispector writes not for survival for survival is never a goal sought here; not one that is available to her she wants to reconcile or reach what she has sought through life through her writing and thinking that clearer impact with reality unfettered by culture family inner conflicts religions philosophies external beliefs grasped tight in the frailties of existence what better way to proceed than to write a book which she does within this book however her main character throws all her failings in her face and will not be limited by what lispector or lispector's narrator wants her to do her character battles revolts and insists on doing things her own way in another work this might be an interesting stylistic exercise lispector uses it successfully to enhance the almost unbearable sense of desperationthis is a book relevant for me than any i have read because she is vehement in her uest and if her uest is what literature in the end seeks then she seeks it from a much closer distance than simile metaphor allegory or any other of our tools

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Um sopro de vida PulsaçõesVe to see it publishedAt her death a mountain of fragments remained to be “structured” by Olga Borelli These fragments form a dialogue between a god like author who infuses the breath of life int. I am going to exercise caution and out of respect for others faith and strong beliefs I will refrain from commenting too strongly on what I have just finished reading here It is obvious to me that Clarice Lispector thought a great deal about her own death and dying The book is highly meditative It also felt uite Catholic to me and I have no idea whether Lispector was Catholic or not I myself was raised a Lutheran which frankly ended badly for me I am also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who has so far successfully practiced the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and turned my will over to a power greater than myself over twenty six years ago on a Easter Sunday I was also visited at bedside back then by the Christian savior called Jesus Christ At that time for me the visit was real and my faith in this version of God helped me to abstain from the drugs that were destroying my body I stayed away long enough in which to get a new life to patch up and make amends to the many people I made suffer and to engage my heart's desire knowing that I would and could sustain this momentum for life if I kept my nose to the ground But the mind is a powerful thing that can imagine realities that may not exist anywhere else in the world outside of the person believing them And it takes what it takes Every person's pain threshold is their very own and not to be judged by assholes such as myself who might think they know better than anybody else There are many of those among us For the record I no longer believe in much of anything these days except treating others as I wish to be treated We all believe in something and I believe I am completely finished when I die I do hope I will have added something to the uality of life throughout the entire process and duration of my artistic life This last book of Clarice Lispector read hollow to me In a way I wish it would have felt desperate As much as she must have felt at the time it did not transcend for me on to the page But I am looking forward to reading a bit of her plot driven work and will always attempt while reading her to see the world through Lispector vision but I am not promising that I actually will

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FREE DOWNLOAD ò Um sopro de vida Pulsações ¹ A mystical dialogue between a male author a thinly disguised Clarice Lispector and hisher creation a woman named Angela this posthumous work has never before been translated Lispector did not even live to see it publishedAt her death a mountain of fragments remained to be “structured” bO his creation the speaking breathing dying creation herself Angela Pralini The work’s almost occult appeal arises from the perception that if Angela dies Clarice will have to die as well And she d. 2nd reading A dream within a dream about a dreamAwestruck and no words can't begin to think capture is possible of relating what can only be experienced by reading and certainly not just once these slim but packed gemstones read 5 of her novels so far between two covers of an author who writes as dreamily as she herself appears These ethereal meditations ostensibly stories with narrators and characters are voyeur scenes designed to draw the reader into intimacy of group experience oneness like séance gatherings where spontaneous outpourings litter a darkened smoked room while the candle gutters These all go directly to my reread shelf and there they will stay most likely forever to be continuously like breath brought in held and released