Free download ✓ Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire õ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB

Free download Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Free download ✓ Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ This is the story of the greatest empire the world has ever known Simon Baker charts the rise and fall of the world's first superpower focusing on six momentous turning points that shaped RoEy the Great Julius Caesar Augustus Nero and ConstantineThe superb narrative full of energy and imagination is a brilliant distillation of the latest scholarship and a wonderfully evocative account of Ancient Rome. In her foreword Mary Beard seems to think Rome was a democracy ended by Caesar It wasn't never was I thought it was Tiro published Cicero's letters The first settlement was of shepherds' huts on the Palatine c 1000 BC Romulus is about as historical as King Arthur or Moses Only the last three kings may be The primary loyalty of aristocrats was to their clans not the state The symbol of the authority to punish disobedience was fasces The senate was advisory like the Athenian council; in assemblies the people made the laws and elected officials The Romans destroyed Carthage in bad faith The army was a militia of citizens The widening gap between the poor with no property to fight for and the rich bred civil dissent as today The only effective part of the people was the mob in Rome who could be bribed Caesar was motivated by a sense of his own dignity To be treated as a criminal after winning Gaul was beneath it as it would be beneath anybody's Pompey had no choice on Caesar's advance but to make a tactical retreat from Rome Being the richest man ever Augustus could afford to pay for the Games of the Ages which made believe the republic was restored while establishing his autocracy Not unlike our 1689 revolution the senate let Octavian stand for consul like a parliament without a king elected a king who legitimised it as a parliament Any independent candidate for consul was executed for sedition as in China today He regularised the army costing over half the annual income from taxation putting paid to the conuest of Germany after the loss of three legions there Egypt was the jewel in their imperial crown as India was in ours Augustus condemned his own daughter to die of malnutrition Aristocratic families intermarried to preserve power as in my day the marriage of Catherine Wheatley was arranged to Tam Dalyell Claudius was not descended from Augustus so bumped off thirty five senators and two hundred knights who were A poisoned feather was inserted down his throat Nero had his twenty year old wife suffocated Christians' crucified bodies were torched Not a citizen Jesus was crucified for seditiously stirring up a riot whereas Paul who was got off unless Nero nailed him Although uite without proof the historian says David founded the so called holy city where Jewish nationalists slaughtered a left behind cohort The aristocratic Josephus organised the rebellion He prophesied Jotapata would fall on the forty seventh day of siege also that the future emperors were before him Four thousand Jews were killed at Gamala The Jews made believe the Romans would concede Judaea's independence Starving Jews surrendering killed themselves eating food British troops relieving concentration camps hadn't learnt from history Looting the temple couldn't pollute disbelieving Romans The historian’s prejudiced Jerusalem was razed and sixty years later rebuilt as Aelia Capitolina from which Jews were banned Trajan had 'an increasingly noble forehead' as Sartre would've put it Executions of Xians were an accepted procedure though Trajan advised against too close inuiry of their antecedents if they renounced Constantius pragmatically decided persecution didn't help him govern the western empire without of course consulting any other tetrarch especially not Galerius the Augustus of the eastern empire who'd tried bumping off his son Maxentius was hoist by his own petard at the Milvian Bridge and Constantine believed he owed his success to the Xian god His courtiers uite rightly ignored his Xian lecturing At the battle of Chrysopolis it is said one hundred thousand of Licinius’ men were killed Arius argued god was eternal and indivisible the son was subseuent therefore not eternal and not god a good argument if you accept he premiss On the sack of Rome Augustus fantasised only the city of god in heaven was eternal The western empire fell because there were too many barbarians at once and too much land lost and rendered agriculturally unproductive for tax purposes in order to fund the army

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This is the story of the greatest empire the world has ever known Simon Baker charts the rise and fall of the world's first superpower focusing on six momentous turning points that shaped Roman history Welcome to. Simon Baker's Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an Empire is a good introduction to Roman history covering various key points in the history of Rome Probably not the same key points that someone else would choose but he makes a decent case for the importance of each stop on the tour Some people's reviews say that if you have the most basic grasp of Roman history this is too simple I wouldn't say so I have a GCSE and an A Level in classical studies but the effect was a very similar kind of 'tour' of Roman history that just picked out different stopping points So there were some things I didn't know much about at allOne thing that is a little disappointing is the transitions between each chapters It isn't really made clear how the transitions between the different time periods were made it goes straight from Constantine for example to the attacks on Rome by Alaric without covering the intervening time at all Even a little timeline at the start of each chapter would've helpedStill Simon Baker's prose is pretty readable and accessible If you're not especially interested in the topic I still wouldn't recommend this as despite the six turning points it uses it's still a 400 page volume A Very Brief Introduction it ain'tAll in all for me it was okay but I'll be donating my copy to the local library rather than keeping it

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Ancient Rome The Rise and Fall of an EmpireRome as you've never seen it before awesome and splendid gritty and sualidAt the heart of this gripping popular history are the dynamic complex but flawed characters of Rome's most powerful rulers men such as Pomp. I had an interest in learning about the general history of the Roman Empire and I didn't want to read a textbook either This book was definitely the answer becuase it read like a novel and made reading a history book entertaining The drama of Roman war and politics was brought to life throughout I definitely learned uite a bit about the Roman Empire and didn't feel bored while reading the book Good read