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Summary Bound (Arelia LaRue, #1)

Free download Bound (Arelia LaRue, #1) ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Sixteen year old Arelia LaRue lives in New Orleans where the music is loud voodoo ueens inhabit every street corner and the ghosts are alive and well Despite her surroundings all she wants is to help her Grand mere Bea pay the rent and save up for colleIng world of New Orleans HoodooVoodoo expect the unexpected Come along for the ridePlease take note that this book is 55000 words longPunished book #2 is 63000 words Possessed book #3 is 63000 words Punished Book #2 and Possessed Book #3 in the Arelia LaRue Series are now availab. I was once looking around Bound's Goodreads pages and found a lot of mixed reviews about this book What I found on Goodreads made me want to read and decide for myself and well I did The good reviews I agree with the bad ones not so much I don't really get why they didn't like it at all This is something new for me especially in the Young Adult Genre I've only read about voodoo in a non ya book just that one time last year but never read a book solely based on a protagonist who's gifted with the powers of voodoo I didn't know why but I really connected with Arelia I don't know if its her courage wittiness or her will to stay away from people especially hot boys who are off limits or the fact that she's bestfriends with a snob Okay fine I admit I couldn't stand Sabrina Arelia's Bestfriend It amuses me to actually find such a character like her in a book She made me laugh a few times at how badly conceited she is I know a lot of people hate this book for her especially But for me I found it amusing You've gotta love these type of people Haha I blame my endless patience for this point The plot had its predictable bits but aside from that it was flowing not too complex and all together good Overall Bound was an excellent read about a different aspect of paranormalcy with uniue intriguing characters a wonderful plot and juicy man candy Gimme now D

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Ina convinces her to take a well paying summer job at the infamous Darkwood plantation owned by the wealthy LaPlante family Arelia agreesHowever at Darkwood nothing is what is seems Arelia enters a world full of tricky spirits strange characters and forbidden loveIn the intoxicat. Nothing really happens in this Seriously the book takes place over a week or so and the most exciting part when it seems something excitingscary is actually happening turns out to be a dreamArelia and her friend Sabrina go to work at Darkwood plantation as hostesses and arrive a few hours before the guests No training seems to happen at any point the girls don't seem to be even told what they're doing each day I know the job was just a pretense to get Arelia there both in the story and as a plot device but such lack of details take me out of the story I'm not saying we need pages of job description but what they do have is so unrealistic Also Arelia complains about doing much of the work then her friend which is true but is seems most times when they are working Arelia ends up doing other things then working as well First night she goes to find a lost boy WITHOUT ALERTING ANYONE Stupid If you think a little boy might be lost in the woods where there are alligators and ghosts it's fine to interrupt a conversation to let the people in charge know Then she is given the rest of the night off but is suppose to keep an eye on the boy It seems like she basically falls asleep pretty shortly after that Another time she goes and sits with Lucus behind a tree where other guests can't see them Not exactly working behaviour Then she gets into a fight with her friend and has time to disappear and cry for awhile I'm not saying getting upset isn't normal behaviour but when you're on the job you can't be going off that much It makes her complaints about Sabrina not working enough a bit hypocriticalAt one point her and Sabrina get into a big fight I don't really care that they made up but they make up so easily that it's annoying to the reader But yes I still say nothing really happens They show up Arelia starts learning some voodoo teenage drama happens and they book just sort of ends Also annoying it ends with her going to talk to Lucas and her telling him to put a shirt on since she can't concentrate but she shows up to his room in her bra and panties with a night gown on Not really the outfit to have a discussion in I'm just saying if she expects him to get dressed that she should have done the sameSo yes I have complaints about the book but I did sort of enjoy it I like the setting and the story ideas is good just not well executed I've read other series before where I enjoy them but the earlier books are not that great Sookie Stackhouse for example Someone commented that in next book that Arelia does mature some so I plan on reading it

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Bound Arelia LaRue #1Sixteen year old Arelia LaRue lives in New Orleans where the music is loud voodoo ueens inhabit every street corner and the ghosts are alive and well Despite her surroundings all she wants is to help her Grand mere Bea pay the rent and save up for collegeWhen her best friend Sabr. This cover is gorgeous and the intriguing synopsis about voodoo had me excited to read it Sadly this wasn't for me Even though the plot was mysterious the characters were infuriatingLet's start with Arelia who has been hearing spirits her whole life She's taken a summer job at a plantation which appears to be filled with spirits and strange happenings Arelia comes off as very immature for the most part of the book She would overreact to the smallest things as well as believe everything her jealous best friend told her which we will get to in a bit But then when it comes to voodoo despite having heard spirits her whole life she refuses to believe any of it I could not for the life of me understand this girl She lets herself get backstabbed by her best friend lied to then simply forgives her This best friend Sabrina I despised her She is the definition of spoiled and a complete bitch I didn't get why they were even friends As for Lucus the love interest he was an ok character but never really gave off any sort of charm All in all the whole cast was a big disappointment to me I didn't connect with any of them nor did I understand their reactions to any of the events that happened in the book They all seemed very stiff; unconvincingThe plot started off really interesting with a good amount of mystery I haven't read many books based on voodoo so it was different I liked learning about the lore but unfortunately there wasn't a lot of digging into it until the very end I wish we had delved deeper into Arelia's abilities As soon as the plot starts getting complex the book ends; it felt unfinished The book is not awful it does have promise With some editing it could even be pretty good But as is I couldn't get myself to enjoy it very much For of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads