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Forest of Shadows Jessica Backmans Death in the Afterlife #1N arrives in the remote Alaskan village of Shida Something dreadful happened there Something monstrous The shadows are closing in and they re out for bloo. FOREST OF SHADOWS by Hunter Shea is an intensely gripping paranormal tale with unrelenting suspense and characters that you'll immediately get attached to After a horrible tragedy leaves John Backman raising his infant daughter with the help of his sister in law Eve he becomes obsessed with all things supernatural and in proving the existence of the spirit after death To this end he becomes a paranormal investigator ruling out natural causes and constantly searching for proof that the dead still can communicate with those on Earth in certain situations Real life was important than erroneous perceptions Through all of this his young daughter Jessica remains his rock the one person he loves above all others Now even she is showing a sensitivity and connection to Energy Beings that John doesn't seem to possessIn the Alaskan village of Shida where white people are viewed as the enemy by the Indian community there stands one grand house that is shunned by all After a particularly intense incident the town's only white man starts delving into the area's hidden past Eventually he reaches out to John for explanations Ghosts spirits even demons have no sense of time Whatever was lurking there did not take days off to sleep in late Shea grabs us with the characters in this novel right from the very beginning The emotions of John Eve Jessica Eve's baby Liam and all of the Shida residents we meet are so realistic that I got the feeling they could walk right off the page and into real life The contrast in atmospheres from John's home in NY to the inhospitable icy town of Shida is uite a stark difference It is here that John will finally have conclusive proof that some beings aren't content to leave even after their earthly bodies are disposed of The dead still hate This novel has everything you could want in a horror story From the supernatural entities a town of hidden secrets engaging characters that you can honestly believe in and the perfect background for paranormal activity and carnage you'll find yourself at a momentary loss for words when the tale endsThe emotional connection between John and those around him are a pivotal part of FOREST OF SHADOWS The feelings evoked are some that will strengthen your own bond with John and his family as the forces pitted against him begin to grow in intensity all things must die even dreams and ideas love and hate While there is so much garnered by this investigation the uestions left are enough to keep your mind racing with alternative possibilities Sueak pip Highly recommended

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Old log home with odd whisperings shadows that come alive and rooms that disappear he can t resist the call But the violence only escalates as soon as Joh. This is the first book in the Jessica Backman series and it's about John Backman Jessica's father who is a paranormal enthusiast and ghost hunter Jessica is a just a little girl when they move to the remote Alaskan village of Shida for the summer so her father can investigate a haunting John gets in over his head and his final attempt to document the haunting goes seriously wrong when he riles the shadows a little too farThe author did a great job of portraying the creepy town of Shida and the sinister people who live there I highly recommend reading if you are looking for a good atmospheric ghost haunted house story

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READ & DOWNLOAD Forest of Shadows (Jessica Backmans Death in the Afterlife #1) 107 Å The dead still hate John Backman specializes in inexplicable phenomena The weirder the better So when he gets a letter from a terrified man describing an old log home with odd whisperings shadows that come alive and rooms thaThe dead still hate John Backman specializes in inexplicable phenomena The weirder the better So when he gets a letter from a terrified man describing an. Five years after his wife dies unexpectedly John Backman takes his daughter sister in law and her son to Alaska to investigate a haunting But the worst enemy of all may be the xenophobia of the townsfolk of Shida No I lied It's the dark forces that threaten to consume whomever lives in the houseIn Forest of Shadows Hunter Shea takes an unconventional unsuspecting family to Alaska and exposes them to some staples of horror fiction namely ghosts and a haunted houseI've said before that one of Hunter Shea's strengths is his knack for creating likable characters This is very true in Forest of Shadows since I loved John Backman and his family His daughter Jessica was a believable kid who just wanted to be close to her father Sister in law Eve let her own marriage fall apart to take care of her dead sister's family Liam's a toddler and kind of a non factor Anyway what I'm trying to say is that I uickly got attached to John and his family Unlike a lot of horror or thriller novels with their forced hookups I really wanted John and Eve to get together Why you gotta be such a tease Hunter SheaWhile I've never been to Alaska Hunter Shea painted a vivid picture of the life of an outsider in a small town both from the points of view of the Backman family and the local characters like Judas and MuracoThe haunting was a many layered thing not just ghosts wanting people out of their house It had some creepy moments but shit really got real near the end I did not see the ending coming and it was one of those punches in the gut that knocks the wind out of you and folds you in halfForest of Shadows is a creepy good time Hunter Shea does it again Four out of five stars