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Magic StudyTo control her powers a rogue magician emerges and Yelena catches his eye Suddenly she is embroiled in a situation not of her making And once again her magical abilities will either save her life or be her downfal. “Living is a risk” I snapped at him “Every decision every interaction every step every time you get out of bed in the morning you take a risk To survive is to know you’re taking that risk and to not get out of bed clutching illusions of safety”Well I can honestly say that the Study trilogy is uickly becoming one of my all time favourites D There was mystery action adventure fantasy magic friendship family AND romance This was a wonderful seuel that had me engrossed in its fast paced storylines from beginning to end Maria V Snyder also impressively used her novel as a platform to discuss sensitive topics such as sexual violence and gender biases I applaud Snyder for not lazily using rape as a plot device but instead shows how it could negatively impact a victim’s psyche and their view of self worth Magic Study continues a mere few weeks after the ending of Poison Study An orphan no longer Yelena travels to the exotic southern land of Sitia in order to reunite with her lost family and to hone her magical abilities before she accidentally harms others or even herself I found Sitia to be so much interesting than the militant northern land of Ixia It was also fascinating to learn what the Sitians knew of the Ixians such as their innate hatred of our beloved Valek 3 I loved to see Yelena’s character development and her innate compassion towards the beggar children but I was also irritated by her excessively impulsive behaviour Think before you act Yelena come on The Master Magicians might know something that you don’t You barely have any magical training whatsoever facepalm “Trust” Kiki said “Trust is peppermints”My absolute favourite aspect of this novel strangely enough was Yelena’s horse Kiki with whom she was able to communicate with telepathically I also adored how all of the horses nicknamed the “men” and “ladies” who took care of them Kiki was perpetually hungry and fiercely loyal to her “Lavender Lady” aka Yelena She was such a sassy little horse and the true MVP of the novel ;My only complaint for this novel is my disappointment that my favourite characters Valek Ari and Janco only showed up in the last uarter of the novel While although it makes sense considering that they were in a completely different country from Yelena that didn’t stop me from tapping my foot as I impatiently waited for their appearance #SorryNotSorry While this did give a Yelena a chance to grow and develop without them it didn’t stop me from longing for my favourite northerners ; I looooove Yelena and Valek as a couple They’re so bloody cute 3I also haven’t completely warmed up to Yelena’s brother Leif yet who also has powerful magic His jealous and judgemental behaviour towards her didn’t help either Ugh However I adore her tree dwelling parents and her cousin Nutty 3 They were so loving and accepting of Yelena and the difficult life that she’s led to date I’m so happy for Yelena because she finally has the family that she always wanted I can’t wait for the finale Fire Study of this first trilogy in Snyder’s magical world Hopefully Valek Ari Janco Yelena’s parents and Nutty will have involvement in Yelena’s journey Thus far I’ve been reading a book a day so I should be finished soon P

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Magic Study Summary ↠ 104 Î A lesson in loyalty A master class in intrigueYelena is a survivor Kidnapped as a child held prisoner as a teen then released to act as a poison taster she is now a student of magic But these magic skills place her in imminent danger and with an execution order on her head she has no choice but to escape to Sitia the land of A lesson in loyalty A master class in intrigueYelena is a survivor Kidnapped as a child held prisoner as a teen then released to act as a poison taster she is now a student of magic But these magic skills place he. I am at a complete loss I found Poison Study to be an amazing book with an engaging plot real intriguing characters and excellent writing Magic Study begins much the same until around page 240 and then it takes a nose dive through crazy town To say I was disappointed would be an understatement For a book that began with a five star rating Snyder had to work to make this book as nonsensical as it ended up being Here are a few of my ualmsYelena once resourceful intelligent honorable yet a little self effacing becomes an arrogant Mary Sue cutout who rushes into trouble even when she knows her actions are idiotic because stupid though she may be and despite her lack of knowledge about magic naturally she knows better than everyone else Even ridiculous is her anger towards her brother I would completely understand her anger if it were due to his treatment of her now that they are both adults he certainly isn’t kind or for the fact that he never told their parents that Yelena had been kidnapped but as it were she is angry with him because he didn’t try to save her when she was taken as if an 8 year old boy could pose any type of threat to a master magician and his minions Give me a breakValek Oh how I loved him in Poison Study his and Yelena’s partnership was a delight to read There were well matched respectful of one another and had a brilliant chemistry and understanding I was so excited to see how their relationship would progress I’m still waiting Valek once a cunning advisorassassin is now reduced to stud stand in who takes order from Yelena How this mentor became the one being dictated to is beyond me and completely un interesting to read Grating is like it He even gets captured a few times which is very un Valek likeYelena’s familyWhat exactly is Leif’s Yelena’s brother problem Snyder tries to explain it via Moon Man the Story Weaver don’t get me started but it was ridiculous Who gets kidnapped on purpose And what mental disorder does Perl Yelena’s mother have While she is clearly a crafty little tree climber I have a hard time believing she is “formidable” when all she does is make perfume and cower in plantsThe plot oh where do I start I’ve lost track of how many times Yelena gets kidnapped It was pointless and un necessary The characters of Goel and Alea served no purpose other than to act as filler The rest is too bizarre to comment onThe bad guy Last time I checked not all bad guys’ rape and torture yet every bad guy in Snyder’s books do Very annoying However that perfume pump used to defeat Ferde bad guy was amusing but daft Why not just use one of those ingenious little darts like everyone else Instead Yelena storms in with armed with a suirt bottle lolSo these are just a few of my issues there are plenty but I can’t bring myself to mention them If you are reading Magic Study because you adored Poison Study please be warned This book pales in comparison and will ruin your view of the characters you love

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R in imminent danger and with an execution order on her head she has no choice but to escape to Sitia the land of her birthBut nothing in Sitia is familiar As she struggles to understand where she belongs and how. More like 25 stars actually but I am being extremely generous in the memory of Poison StudyI enjoyed the first 300 pages of the book just as much as Poison Study Yelena's relationship with her family and Zaltana clan the world of Sitia the magic lessons the mystery of a magician serial killer and political intrigue involving a contender to Ixian throne all these aspects were written very well and in a very engaging manner However right about page 300 to 400 something went wrong with this book I felt that Yelena had just one too many defying authorityescape from the Keepkidnapping by a criminaltorture sceneescape using magical powers actions repeated over an over again There were simply too many repetitions of the same scenarios for one story In that respect Alea's story line should have been omitted altogether Action is important but not at the expense of the structure of the book And as the amount of action increased the uality of the writing suffered the book took a very juvenile tone IMO Another aspect I didn't like Valek's role in the book For one he was absent until about page 275 and when he finally appeared most of the time his only purpose was to provide stud services for Yelena no graphic details here to my chagrin Where were the partnership between the two the teamwork And finally my last complaint the writer needs to come up with some other type of villain a torture lovingraping magician scenario is simply getting oldI was so irritated by these issues that I was about to give the book 2 stars but somehow the last chapter pulled the story together and left me feeling satisfied In the end I did enjoy the book for the most part in spite of many flaws but unfortunately my expectations for the next book in the trilogy Fire Study and for the writer in general definitely diminished