Free download Why I Am Not a Calvinist æ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download Why I Am Not a Calvinist

Free download Why I Am Not a Calvinist æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Æ What's wrong with Calvinism Since the Reformation Calvinism has dominated much of evangelical thought It has been so well established that many Christians simply assume it to be the truest expression of Christian doctrine But Calvinism hIs children freedom to respond to his love In this eminently readable book Jerry L Walls and Joseph R Dongell explore the flaws of Calvinist theologyWhy I Am Not a Calvinist is a must read for all who struggle with the limitations of this dominant perspective within evangelical theology. Well written and raised some good uestions but there wasn't much engagement with Scripture or any hard work done to break down Calvinist's favorite Scriptures and build up an Arminian case from Scripture All the arguments were philosophical and most hinged on the presupposition that the will is free in a libertarian sense Frustrating The Calvinist companion book took popular doctrinal stances from both camps engaged with the Scriptures utilized for those doctrines and tried to show where the Arminian camp goes wrong and where the Reformed side lives based on the Scripture

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What's wrong with Calvinism Since the Reformation Calvinism has dominated much of evangelical thought It has been so well established that many Christians simply assume it to be the truest expression of Christian doctrine But Calvinism has some serious biblical and theological weaknesse. I have recently reread both Why I Am Not an Arminian and its' opposite book Why I Am Not a Calvinist in preparation to give both to a friend whose church is facing these issues If one's going to read either of these books I think it's important to also read the other The first to present his case seems right till another comes forward and uestions him Proverbs 1817 NIVI also think it's important to note that both these strains of thought agree that Jesus died to save sinners and they also agree on many other aspects of Christianity including the inspiration and authority of scripture Being on one side or the other does not mean that person is less a Christian We can still befriend each other care about each other encourage each other etc For that matter we can still befriend care about and encourage people who are not Christians as wellI also think of what Jesus said when His disciples asked him about a different hard teaching involving divorce and remarriage Not everyone can accept this word but only those to whom it has been given Matthew 1911 NIV I take that to mean that there are some hard teachings that some people are not ready for some hard teachings that are not central to Jesus' main teachings regarding salvation etcOr what Paul said on another possible disagreement All of us who are mature should take such a view of things And if on some point you think differently that too God will make clear to you Only let us live up to what we have already attained Philippians 315 16 NIV I like the thought that Paul leaves the results of the disagreement up to God to clarify in His way and in His timing Only let's agree to live up to what we already do knowIn some sense Christians need unity and such conversations can divide it but sometimes someone finds some aspect of the issue troubling and then it is well worth studying I suspect that in the future Christians will need each other and as persecution in various parts of the world has increased and such disagreements might be set aside as less critical in the face of day to day survival and unified belief in JesusHaving said all that it is nice to calmly think through such issues from a Biblical standpoint and examine the scriptures on both sides of the issue of Arminian verses Calvinist Anything less just sets up a straw man to represent the opposing side an argument to easily be knocked over without considering the real depth of that point of viewI thought both of these books did a scholarly job of presenting the issues They presented the history surrounding these viewpoints and various philosophies on one side or the other but to me the heart of the matter involves the scripture they discuss What does the Bible say on each issue and how does each side interpret those verses What do they say about the interpretations of the otherIt's a little confusing because there's a range of belief in each camp as well and actually I find that honesty refreshing People on one side of an issue don't always agree with each other on all the details and I appreciate that the authors tried to discuss the various flavors of Calvinism and Arminianism Well done both of themAnd no I'm not going to say which side I agree with here because I don't want to alienate people who either haven't yet thought through the issues or disagree with me Some things are important to me than clarity on these points

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Why I Am Not a CalvinistS that unsettle laypeople pastors and scholars alike God is sovereign All evangelical Christians whether Arminians or Calvinists have no doubt about this fundamental truth But how does God express his sovereignty Is God a master puppeteer pulling our strings Or has he graciously given h. Now obviously I disagree with the authors so I can't just rate the book on what I think of their arguments Otherwise it would be one star for sure But I can rate them on how they go about their arguments Not well Basically to them the Calvinist God is used car salesman They say as much He cannot be trusted to mean what he saysAt one point they give a beautiful description of Calvinism but then say but no one actually believes this John Piper might but the rest of you are inconsistent That may be true but if anything that's an argument for the fact that we're fallen that all of us are inconsistent But that's not a fault with Calvinism itselfFurther when there is a facet of Calvinism that they don't uite understand they assume the problem is thus with Calvinism's idea of God not with our finite attempts to understand him They assume that if you can't place everything the God of Calvinism is or does into your neat logical boxes then Calvinism must fail I would say you're too smallThey also fault D A Carson for not hammering with Calvinism someone who is mourning the death of a loved one But if he DID do so they'd probably fault him for that tooAlthough they fault Calvinism for 200 pages there is no defense of what they believe So it is a bit of a one sided argument Anyone can poke holes in you for 200 pages if you have nothing to attack yourself May I suggest reading the companion volume