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Free read ¼ Consequences ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ù Every action has conseuencesWaking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor Anthony Rawlings Claire has no understanding of why she's there but it's Every action has conseuencesWaking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor Anthony Rawlings Claire has no understanding of why she's there but it's been made abundantly clear she is now his acuisition and every action has conseuencesLearn the rules to surviveFacing incomprehensible circumstances Claire must learn to s. FULL REVIEW IS NOW UP 45 stars HOLY FREAKING MIND FUCKWHAT DID I JUST READ That ENDING I mean just ummm speechless I have lost sleep My mind has been utterly toyed with And I still have no freaking clue how I should feel about Tony Rawlings To the rest of the world Anthony Rawlings is a mega successful self made billionaire who donated to charity is always perfectly presented and never puts a foot wrong To Claire Nicols he is her captor Her abductor Her tormentor And also the man she is falling for This book is about a young sweet woman Claire who meets a charming man Tony after work one day who sweet talks her into dinner and then abducts her Just takes her straight from her life to live in decadent captivity at Rawlings mansion There is no ‘easing’ into this story Cut off from every part of the outside world she is violated raped physically abused and loses every possible measure of control over her life Every single thing she now does happened by the will of her captor and by his will alone We hate him from the start – he is cunning cruel manipulative and controllingHe toys with her mind and her heart And yet There is to him beneath the layers a spark of something genuine Real Humanity Enough to make me able to ride out of the waves of the book able to consider seeing him from another side – a less predatory side but still I’m not yet completely sold on his humanity But I have high hopes for it Truly I don’t want him to be as evil as I think he might be This book perfectly captures that feeling of literally not knowing what to expect not knowing what is coming next Just when I was sure I’d found my footing and got a feel for the story it just yoinked the rug RIGHT out from underneath me Tony ohhhhhhhhh Tony Rawlings deep breath Man Monster Mastermind Predator Hero Broken hero Anti hero Villan I don’t know I didn’t know the whole time I was reading and honest to goodness I Still Don’t Know This is the crux of the mindfuck Are his actions those of an intrinsically sadistic man A man with a hidden purpose A tortured hero who is trying to heal in the only way he knows how Or is he maybe really just a straight up phychopathHonestly I couldn’t decide if he was creepy deranged clinically insane just plain fucked up or had some bizarre highly intelligent higher purpose behind everything but then if he did it still wouldn’t justify the horrible things he did so really ok I have to stop myself Literally I can debate that in circles nearly endlesslyI’m still on the fence about him but I have to say that judging from the sum total of what I’ve seen to far I do NOT love him I’m leaning towards hate at this point but with an open mind I don’t know I sense a spark of something else in him I think Or maybe that’s just the part of me desperate to redeem the “hero” of my book Or maybe I’m getting Stolkholm Syndrome too God I don’t knowHe started chillingly sadistic cruel and creepy It almost made it worse that he was ever polite and gentlemanly He was abrasive brutal violent and often irrational He shocked me Disgusted me And then just when you were SURE that he was a deranged asshole who deserved to have his nuts slowly ripped off he would show this tender caring side of him that was impossible not to fall for “I have spent most of my life only concerned with myself I’m truly trying even if it does not always appear so Perhaps I’m afraid of losing you afraid you if you truly know me you will not want to stay with me” He had a deep rooted obsession with control – with having it keeping it losing it and maintain absolute power over everything and everyone in his lifeThe I read about him the deeper the mindfuckyness went The moment I’d come within a whisper of thinking one thing that maybe I had a handle on him he’d just swing the other way Like 180 He’d go from suave to nice to creepy and sadistic to potentially understandable to downright fucking mentalI need to show you what I mean by this here are some of my updates while reading 31% Could this be A spark of sweet hopes 38% The fuck So unfair I hope he feels FUCKING GUILTY 39% WHAT SERIOUSLY Fucking rat asshole bastard fuck shit DAMN YOU TONY RAWLINGS 40% huffs 41% grumbles why why WHY am I actually considering forgiving him now What is WRONG with me 43% Ooooo I’m liking this insight into the real Tony Do I sense a whiff of actual romance perchance hopes 44% Waaaaaaiiiiiiittt W H A T speechless still speechlessWo hoahhhhh I did NOT see THAT coming OO Throughout the story we get alternating POVs Thank GOD It was just sheer relief to see that because I seriously NEEDED to get inside that man’s head Seriously THE FUCK WAS HE THINKINGClearly SOMETHING in his past made him unable to functional in a normal loving relationship and yet in some ways you see HIM begin to crack a little Almost as if he has reverse Stolkholm Syndrome Against everything he believes in despite the fact that he captured her for HIS purposes he does begin to soften ish For a time I wondered if he wasn’t so much a cold hearted bastard but of a supremely messed up individual whose need to hold complete control preceded EVERYTHING else even his morals if indeed he had any I got to a point where I no longer thought he was evil and didn’t hate him Yes I wanted to beat the ever loving shit out of him than once but I didn’t hate himAnd JUUUUUUUUST when I was thinking that he pulled a totally all out SLIMY and just plain COLD move that basically just reduced me to a violently shaking wreck I mean the fucking NERVE on that guy I mean REALLY At that point I just wanted to SLAP myself for even considering “understanding” him To the fucking gallows with that oneI wavered back and forth with Claire’s character I guess I both understood where she was coming from and yet really wished she’d fight But then I could also get why she wouldn’t I mean I really didn’t understand some of her decisions – especially a lot of the ones surrounding their first meeting and then first outings together I mean she had an out She had several and yet every time I thought mayyyyyyybe she’d do something no She didn’t But then again okay not everyone’s logic works the same way so maybe in her mind she was doing the bestmost right thing hmmm I don’t know What I do know is that despite sometimes wanting to shake her really I just felt badly for her “She actually thought she would walk out of this twisted nightmare However it wasn’t a nightmare twisted or otherwise It was reality Her mind searched for a way to survive and escape” However despite it being told in third person and having some insight into Tony’s perspective most of the story is told “through” Claire’s eyes And you really experience things along with her You freak out Feel violated Justify Theorize Rationalize Try to find a way out Until you reach a bit of a “lull” so to speak of acceptance and juuuuust when you start to get comfortable or at least acclimatized — YOINK Every possible shred of her privacy is stripped away bringing everything back to HIS complete and utter control and domination of every minute facet of her lifeAnd everything came back to HIM To Tony Him Him Him What he wanted What benefited HIM What suited him What pleased himEverything and I mean EVERYTHING is about appearances and conseuences How do things look to the outside world Every action has a conseuence Some can be good Some very very VERY badI have to give the author major props for this book though It was clearly VERY well thought out From the uotes at the beginning of the chapter to the way everything tied in at the end just amazingThere are these little hints that are dropped throughout the book that really nailed down the “chilling” backstory behind what was going onThis book was long But it had my attention from the first page straight through till the end There were a few parts that slowed a little due to detailed descriptions and the such but the feeling the book gives you makes you pay attention to everything and honestly I didn’t want to stopThere were a few ‘lulls’ and even a point about 23 of the way through where I really wasn’t sure where the story was going but then as it all started to come together at the end it really built into something I never anticipatedAt 80% the events that took place just SLAMMED right into me I’d been teased I’d been toyed with I been made to theorized but now I KNEW I got full body CHILLS Like literally starting at my head and going down to my toes The REALITY of the event’s implications meant just FLOORED me Like HOLYYYYY SHIT Here was my reaction WOAH FUCK WOAH FUCK WOAH FUCKHe didn’tHe COULDN’T RightSeriously FUUCKKKKKKKK NONONONOThat is justToo FarNoNo RightThat didn’t happenRIIIIIGGHTTTT OO That’s it I’m gonna need therapy after this That is for fucking sure For all you readers who are hesitant to start this first of all I encourage you all to take the plunge Go for it If it helps to know this this book is NOT graphic There is sex There is violence There is brutality But none of it described at length You get just enough details to fully understand the situation but not enough to leave you grossed out Truly this is a MIND fuck It messes with your brain Makes you uestion everything you are thinking feeling and experiencing But it is not a graphically disturbing book This is not a BDSM book This is not a kink book Its just extra ordinarily mind fuckyThe ending is a complete cliffhanger but don’t worry Book #2 Truth is out right now and you can dive right into it when you’re done this oneNow I know you guys who have read book #2 all tell me to “just wait” because I’ll fall in love with Tony At this point I’m kinda just looking at you guys warily and wondering how are all y’all crazy people in love with this dude Seriously He’s a freaking psychopathOkay deep breathsI promise to reserve judgment until after TruthAnd so there are my final comments based on the ending of Conseuences I now need therapy Ms Romig please expect a bill for my therapy sessions in the mail Tony needs a fucking padded cellClaire needs a hug and then a good shake Ok That is all I’m going to dive right into Truth now because I just NEED to know 45 starsASTING This gif represents exactly how I feel Its NOT a spoiler but you'll understand why I've hidden it when you see itview spoiler hide spoiler

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Urvive her new reality every aspect of her livelihood depends upon the tall dark eyed tycoon who is a true master of deception Driven by unknown demons he has no tolerance for imperfection in any aspect of his life including his recent acuisition Anthony may appear to the world as a handsome benevolent businessman but in reality Claire knows firsthand that he's a menacing controlling captor with very strict rules do as you're told p. Follow my rules do as you are told do not divulge personal information actions have conseuences appearances are of vital importance and public failure is not an option OK so I know it’s a well worn much overused reviewer’s cliché but I’m going to have to say it – THIS BOOK OWNED ME I really did abandon all my responsibilities including sleeping as this book consumed me from the very second I started right through to finishing it in the wee small hours when I had to be up at 6am for work It’s actually uite long and the days that I was with this book it was never far from my thoughts It’s such a roller coaster and I read with a kind of fascinated horror It’s mind melding – Aleatha Romig has you steadily going in one direction when all of a sudden she just rips the rug out from under and you’re left wondering why you feel like you just got hit by a trainI have to say that I’ve seen a lot of readers on the web saying that they’re afraid to read this book because of the themes of abduction rape and and brutality but I’d just like to allay some of those fears Yes this book is about an abduction and Claire our heroine is raped but this is not at all gratuitous and nor is it graphically described As a reader you know that it has happened and also you know when it is about to happen but it’s left for us to fill in those gaps It’s tastefully doneSo we have Claire Nicholls a debt ridden graduate meteorologist who was working in a bar after losing her weather job on a local TV station when one night an incredibly handsome customer asks her to have a drink with him and she agrees They talk about her losing her job and she pretends to sign a bar napkin as a joke about a potential contract This is a fatal mistake and Claire should really be afraid of the evil lurking behind the smiling Adonis but she’s blinded by his looks and lust and she and Tony Rawlings our ‘hero’ share a night of passionNext time she awakens she’s been abucted and locked away in Tony’s plush mansion in another state and is kept as his slave supposedly bound by the contract she has signed on that bar napkin to do as he pleases until he has paid off all her debt Tony has taken everything from her – her liberty her family her friends her wordly possessions and rules her with tyranny and fear He’s the worst kind of abuser – he’s handsome cruel sadistic manipulative and controlling and he rewards her by the very slow and gradual return of some of the things he has deprived her of Her life is ruled by conseuences glitches keeping up appearance and above all following Tony’s rules Any variation from these rules is considered to be a glitch and the conseuences for these are swift and brutalTo go any further into the plot would be to spoil it but I urge you to read it – it did for me what so many books fail to do it completely surprised me There were a few things and one major plot twist that I could never have anticipated and absolutely shocked me – hence the reading well into the ‘oh dark hundred hours’ I really thought I knew where things were headed – I was absolutely wrong This book really does offer something a little bit different than anything else out there right now Tony‘s behaviour is possibly rather like how Christian Gray may have been if he hadn’t been portrayed as a romantic hero He’s controlling dominant sadistic but he can also be chivalrous and romantic There were times when I felt I could come to love him the way I did Caleb in the Dark Duet times when I really wanted to understand the man beneath the monster and then at others I hated him with a passion He's a patient and calculating man and he definitely believes in playing the long gameClaire is absolutely a victim – none of this is of her making and she definitely begins to develop a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome as she learns to compartmentalize a skill that will serve her well during her time with Tony She attempts to find small pleasures and block out the horror and think only of one thing at a time as she tries to be happy in her stifling boring gilded cage but she is losing herself her personality is disappearing and she lives only to keep Tony happy and to avoid glitches The world of independent choice is a lifetime away and fading into the distanceThis book is completely dynamic it’s taut and compelling and I read with hope and despair often on the same page It’s so engrossing that I just couldn’t put it down and it constantly surprised me It would be possible to finish the story after the sinister last few pages and leave it there as there’s no cliffhanger but we all know that this is only Act One and that we have a long road still left to travelI can categorically state that I HATE Tony Rawlings right now and I could not possibly ever imagine ever finding a glimmer of affection for him but Aleatha Romig is a devilishly clever writer and you can never be sure what she’s going to twist your imagination into thinking next This is HIGHLY recommended – it’s not dark erotica as it’s not told as erotic fiction but it’s dark and twisted and incredibly captivatingIt was my absolute pleasure to buddy read this with the lovely ¯`··♥Anna♥··´¯ we had a blast5 dark and captivating stars For reviews please visit Sinfully Sexy Book ReviewsReview copy courtesy of Aleatha Romig

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ConsequencesUblic failure is not an option and appearances are of the utmost importanceCaptivate the captorTo fit together the pieces of the puzzle Claire must follow his rules Will her plan work or will Anthony become enthralled by Claire's beauty resilience and determination changing the game forever If that happens will either of them survive the conseuences Nobody ever did or ever will escape the conseuences of his choices Alfred A Montaper. I have no problem with erotic stories containing non consensual sex I'm not a hypocrite; I've written one I have written erotic fiction for over 10 years I have argued against conservatives against literary critics against certain streams of feminism for the legitimacy of womens' rights to carve their erotic fantasies out of a horrifically patriarchal past I have argued that we cannot suddenly purge ourselves of the semiotic language of sexual power dynamics and that they will inform the darkest corners of our erotic psyches for many decades to comeI have embarked on a doctorate to argue for the intellectual and social value of transgressive erotic fiction I entered into it to champion the genre I write in; to challenge the assumption that the genre is all badly written pseudo porn for women with no redeeming artistic value and offering no reflection of ourselves or the society we live inBut this book has made me uestion what the hell I'm doing It's not just the book itself but the incredible success its had the thousands of great reviews it's received its 4 star rating on this platformThis must be the most fundamentally amoral piece of erotic fiction I've ever read Far worse far fundamentally corrupt than anything Sade ever wrote What it lacks in explicitness of sex it makes up for with explicitness of product placement There is page after page of the protagonist name dropping brand names like they're genital body parts This isn't erotica It's consumption pornIn 1991 Brett Easton Ellis wrote American Psycho It portrayed a man absent of all empathy obsessed with the conspicuous consumption of branded products Ellis used his constant mentioning of brand names as a way to illustrate his psychopathy In Conseuences the main character suffers from the same affliction The difference is that Ellis expected his readers to find his main character terrifying and obscene Romig presents her protagonist as someone we can relate toWhat does it say about us that so many readers can find a woman who allows herself to go on being raped in exchange for a free wardrobe and cosmetics What does it say that clearly thousands of women fantasize about it masturbate over it I'm not sure But I can't keep your company I am ashamed that I write in the same genre as this I'm thinking I need to get out of it I don't want to play a part in feeding whatever this appetite for agency less women consumer fetishism and vacuous writingI have never written a review like this before This book I think struck me so hard because of what I've written in the past So what you have here is a portrait of an erotica writer whose completely lost her shit