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Prince of Shadows characters Ý 104 ´ A rising star in the fantasy romance firmament Susan Krinard returns to the land of the bestselling Prince of Wolves in this mesmerizing new love storyThe legend of the werewolf is reborn in this thrilling tale from the author who sets the standard for fantasy romance Affaire de Coeur Wolf researcher AlexandraA rising star in the fantasy romance firmament Susan Krinard returns to the land of the bestselling Prince of Wolves in this mesmerizing new love storyThe legend of the werewolf is reborn in this thrilling tale from th. Wow The profund difference in Krinard's writing style in comparison to Prince of Wolves isastounding And of a disappointment that I have had in uite some time BummerAfter reading Prince of Wolves one of the best romance stories I have read in years I found myself suffering through Prince of ShadowsThe writing style is completely different It's like drinking a very cold beer and then drinking a room temperature beer I was left with a disgusted what are you serious look on my face Prince of Shadows is positively boring I really dislike writing negative reviews I would like to say the reasoning behind my opinion of this book is due to the expectations and standards set by Prince of Wolves But even then I am confident that I would have disliked this novelPrince of Shadows is the werewolf story of Kieran and Alexandra During a summer from their childhood Kieran met with Alexandra everyday as a wolf Becoming best friends and Alex unknowing of what he was they had an intimate and innocent relationship That is until his parents were murdered by some psycho wolf hunterAlexandra was forced to return home after her summer visit with her grandfather and Kieran mysteriously disappearedYears later he finds her at the cabin from their childhood He was in wolf form and poisoned After taking him in and helping him heal he revealed himself to her Suffering from amnesia they work together to unlock his past that was clearly traumaticThat is what this book is about A werewolf who cannot remember who he was and believes wholeheartedly that he is a monster A beastMurders Wolf hunters Rejected lust This book is nothing compared to Prince of Wolves and I would almost recommend not reading it I do not recommend this book I think that is the first time I've ever typed thatIf you must read this book I would recommend it to mature adults only Mild descriptive violence as well as sexual contentHappy reading

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E author who sets the standard for fantasy romance Affaire de Coeur Wolf researcher Alexandra tries to help a gorgeous wolf she discovered in the wild only to discover the unimaginable that the animal has vanished and. Alex has returned to her childhood haven in the woods of her grandparent’s cabin searching solitude and peace while she focuses on her one true passion wolves She’s dealt with a lot of torment and trials in her 27 years and has secluded herself from the human population preferring to keep to her own company Yet is doesn’t take long at all for the hope of peace and uiet to be dashed when the beautiful black wolf of her childhood turns into the eually beautiful raven haired stranger She went to bed with an injured wolf in her living room and awoke to a naked man sleeping in her bed The yellow eyes intense and oh so familiar convinces her that this man is the wolf and the young boy whom she played with as a child He’s in a daze without memories or the ability to cope with this new world he finds himself in he desperately needs Alex’s help He has lived in his wolf form for many years and now has no comprehension on how to function as a man His only lifeline is Alex and he intends to keep her closeIn a small town the locals already have a hatred for wolves and they certainly don’t trust the heroine nor her love for the animals Now there has been a murder making tensions even higher To make matters worse the hero fears that his control over what he calls the monster within is lacking He believes he may have been responsible even though he can’t remember one way or another When the cops come calling the hero and heroine flee to Canada Its there that lies the answer to the hero’s past and his memories of his imprisonmentI found this story lacked passion There were things I certainly enjoyed about it For instance the heroine has lived her life in torment Believing she was responsible for her mother’s death and her father’s subseuent hatred for her she denies herself most human contact She believes herself to be hideously disfigured yet she’s barely scarred She is selfless sacrificing everything for the hero yet she is very standoffish when it comes to him expressing any feelings towards her However other than that I felt no connection to either characters as they seemed to lack any true connection between themselves It didn’t feel like love to me Only companionship based on necessity The plot was also extremely slow and drawn out

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Prince of ShadowsA man has taken its place Following a grisly murder the weight of suspicion falls heavily on Alexandra's mysterious companion who wields legendary powers and soon both are scrambling to escape From the Paperback editio. The first half of this book is in 4 star territory Alexandra had met Kieran as a child The summer she played with a wolf Shadow She didn't connect the boy with the wolf That was a fairy tale It's been 17 years and she's back in Minnesota Wolf research is her life Which is why when Shadow turns into Kieran in front of her eyes she believes And that belief is true to her character Kieran doesn't remember much about his life but he is drawn to her Unfortunately a series of murders which appear to be done by an animal make Kieran a suspect in his own mind The second half of the book is a little murkier Not because of the mystery but because Alex doesn't remain true to character I didn't mind that she was torn between her own past and Kieran's but she was boring about it These are not your typical werewolf stories and that's a good thing