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H our narrator editor of a small city newspaper shows what stuff journalists were made o. Probably best known for his story The Fabulous Clipjoint which garnered an Edgar Award for outstanding first mystery novel Fredric Brown was a prolific author of hundreds of pulp short stories and several novels He considered his best work to be in the science fiction arena but a good two thirds of his work were mysteriesthrillers His story uality is high and attention to plotting is very uniueThe Night of the Jabberwock is exactly what the title indicates the story of one Thursday night in the small town of Carmel City Doc Stoeger the editor of the city's newspaper the Clarion has just put the Friday edition to bed and is on his way to his favorite bar He is wishing that something anything interesting than the lead story's church rummage sale would happen to make his newspaper exciting to read Little does he know that the night ahead holds the answer to his wish And you know what they say Be careful what you wish foryou just might get it Before the night is over a couple of big time mobsters will roll into town the bank will be robbed and a lunatic will escape from the local asylum By the time morning has come four people will be dead Stoeger is also a Lewis Carroll fan and while he is trying to cope with the night's madness he finds himself dealing with an odd little man who claims he can take Stoeger through the looking glass But beware the Jabberwock my son The jaws that bite the claws that catch And the most disturbing thing of all Stoeger will find that none of the events of the night are printableI remember this mystery as an incredibly bizarre but wonderfully so story of murder There is an odd feeling of being in the middle of a Lewis Carroll dream world but Brown brings it all together with an ingenious wrap up and fine writing Highly recommended

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Night of the JabberwockF then by consuming a truly epic amount of alcohol and unweaving an artfully tangled web. review of Fredric Brown's Night of the Jabberwock by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE July 10 2018 There's a Facebook group called Phlegm's corner the founder of the group John Arnold likes to post a diversity of images that appeal to him At one point it was bk covers One of the bk covers was for Frederic Brown's The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches I liked this title so much that I looked him up online read that he had a good sense of humor I decided to try to find things by him to read This was the 1st I loved it I've loved the 2 I've read since this as much if not A new favorite author has been found The basic idea is that a small town newspaper editor who's also a Lewis Carroll enthusiast gets embroiled in various murders other crimes He also drinks alot ALOT Alotof alcohol ie He said Glad you got here early Doc It's damn dull this evening It's dull every evening in Carmel City I told him And most of the time I like it But Lord if only something would happen just once on a Thursday evening I'd love it Just once in my long career I'd like to have one hot story to break to a panting public Hell Doc nobody looks for hot news in a country weekly I know I said That's why I'd like to fool them just once I've been running the Clarion twenty three years One hot story Is that much to ask p 6 Of course he's about to get his wish at a level he's veeerrrrrrryyyyyyy unprepared for This bk was 1st published in 1951 2 yrs before I was born It's interesting to see a calculating procedure used that's the same one I was taught Is anyone taught this way any or is it all about using common electronic devices I figured it myself Fifty times twenty three is—one thousand one hundred fifty; twice twenty three makes eleven ninety six Pete eleven hundred and ninety six times have I put that paper to bed on a Thursday night and never once as there a really big hot news story in it p 9 the main character is 'getting old' One of my mottos is Live Fast Die Old but that doesn't mean prolonging one's life simply for the sake of it In other words I'd accept death if I didn't have so many better things to do than die Still 'getting old' is mainly fun if you've got a good memory wch I do but how long will that last Otherwise 'getting old' is NO FUN bc in my case all the women in their middle 30s that I want to fuck my brains out w are having none of it Since when do people in their mid 30s have good sense It's disgusting So yeah for me reading about a character who's 'getting old' is a hoot I looked at myself in the mirror back of Smiley's bar and wondered how old Al Grainger thought I was Hope I can do the same thing when I'm your age indeed Sounded as though he thought I was eighty at least I'll be fifty three my next birthday But I had to admit that I looked that old and that my hair was turning white I watched myself in the mirror and that whiteness scared me just a little No I wasn't old yet but I was getting that way And much as I crab about it I like living I don't want to get old and I don't want to die Especially as I can't look forward as a good many of my fellow townsmen do to an eternity of harp playing and picking bird lice out of my wings Nor for that matter an eternity of shoveling coal although that would probably be the likely of the two in my case p 15 Don't worry about picking the lice people in Hell are allowed temporary green cards to do that if they so much as complain about what a bum deal they're getting they get sent straight back Doc has already been drinking at the bar but then he goes home is joined by an unexpected guest so they drink some He inclined his head with solemnity eual to my own then tilted it back and downed his drink I was a little late in downing mine because of my surprise at and admiration for his manner of drinking I'd never seen anything uite like it The glass had stopped uite suddenlya good three inches from his mouth And the whiskey had kept on going and not a drop of it had been lost I've seen people toss down a shot before but never with such casual precision and from so great a distance p 23 Doc the stanger w the impressive drinking style discuss Lewis Carroll There ought to be a law against the printing of volumes of The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll He should be remembered for the great things he wrote and the bad ones interred with his bones Although I'll admit that even the bad things have occasional touches of brilliance There are moments in Sylvie and Bruno that are almost worth reading through the thousands of dull words to reach p 24 Touché Actually I have a Complete Works of Lewis Carroll Vintage Books Edition May 1976; originally published by The Modern Library 1936 1294pp that might even be the edition Doc's objecting to here It has Sylvie and Bruno in it I read it I don't remember it I vaguely remember finding it sub par Like most or all 'complete' works it isn't really it doesn't have Symbolic Logic in it eg Still I'm glad it exists I'd have to raid Carroll's grave to recover teh rejected works if Doc's suggestion had been followed I even have an edition of Alice in Wonderland in Latin Alicia in Terra Mirabili When I die if the wrong people get to my aRCHIVE that'll be one of the things to go straight to the trash 'cause it's in a furrin language I said Now wait a minute If I understand you correctly your thesis is that Lewis Carroll—leaving aside the uestion of what or who he really was—worked out through mathematics abd expressed in fantasy the fact that—what That there is another plane of existence besides the one we are now living in That we can have—and sometimes do have—access to it p 34 This is crime fiction but Brown wrote SF too he lets the 2 genres seep together a bit I like that Since I've read this bk I've read 2 of his mysteries I just bought 4 of his SF bks Stay tuned In the meantime Doc is getting than his fair share of the newsworthy night that he wished for I think it must have been the reaction from the cowardice I'd shown and felt only a minute before I must have been a bit punch drunk from Jabberwocks and Vorpal Blades and homicidal maniacs with lyncanthropy and bank bandits and a bank burglar—or maybe I thought I'd suddenly been promoted to the Roman candle department p 42 that's only page 42 Doc keeps postponing calling the cops even tho he runs against one dangerous criminal situation after another In 'real life' this isn't very likely but it's one of those things like when the teenagers separate into small search parties in the horror movie You just know things are going to get worse I decided that I'd better wait until I was somewhere else before I called to report either Bat Masters' passing through or about the escaped maniac at my own house It wouldn't be sfae to risk making the call from here and a few minutes wouldn't matter a lot p 44 Doc's been drinking alcohol continuously for than 4 hrs I was beginning to suspect some Poultrygeist action here where only the most drunk person survives It was almost half past twelve when we finished There was just time for a stirrup cup and we had one With food in my stomach it tasted much better and went down much smoothly than the last one had It tasted so good in fact that I decided to take the bottle—we'd started the second one by then—along with us We might after all run into a blizzard p 77 In a glass coffee mug stir together whiskey hazelnut liueur and Irish cream; top with coffee Garnish cocktail with whipped cream and serve immediately I got out of the car and—I don't know why; or do I—I took the bottle with me It was so dark outside that I couldn't see the bottle in front of my eyes as I tilted it upward p 78 I had three uick ones while Smiley read the headlines The room began to waver a little and I realized I'd better get to bed uickly I said Good night Smiley 'Sbeen wonnerful knowing you I gotta— p 140 Just reading about all the drinking going on is practically enuf to make me sick Perhaps the most unrealistic aspect of this story is that Doc doesn't just vomit out his stomach lining die as a result after he's survived adventures in one night than are likely for even the most hardened detective He lifted the bottle and said To Lewis Carroll Since that was the toast I said Wait and got the cork uickly out of the bottle of whiskey I was still carrying and raised it too There wasn't any reason why I couldn't or shouldn't get in on that toast as long as my lips as a neophyte's didn't defile whatever sacred elixir the DRINK ME bottle held He clinked the little bottle lightly against the big one I held and tossed it off—I could see from the corner of my eye as I tilted my bottle—in that strange conjuring trick again the bottle stopping inches away from his lips and the drink keeping on going without the loss of a drop p 83 Alas the outcome was different than in the Carroll story He shd've lost all the drops this time Maybe the little bottle was full of bees knees I've always wondered about those This wasn't the car in which Yehudi Smith had driven me here The gear shift knob was hard rubber with a ridge around it not the smooth onyx ball I'd noticed on the gear shift lever of his car It was like the one on my car which was back home in the garage with two flat tires that I hadn't gotten around to fixing p 86 That's what he thinks What do you think

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Night of the Jabberwock Free read å E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú This sharp ironic tightly written thriller takes place during a single night during which our narrator editor of a small city newspaper shows what stuff journalists were made of then by consuming a truly epic amount of alcohol and unweaving an artfully tangled This sharp ironic tightly written thriller takes place during a single night during whic. What a strange bookReview of Kindle editionPublication date December 26 2016Publisher Endeavour VentureLanguage EnglishASIN B01N1WIER0What a strange book even for Fredric Brown Not sci fi but one of his crime novels the action from about page 83 to the end is almost a fairly normal crime story with an involved twisted plot to keep the reader on the edge of his seat But the first 83 pages read almost as if they are part of a different book After complaining about owning a small down weekly newspaper for 23 years and never having a real story events dump a plethora of stories in Doc's lap all in one night Then the last part of the book makes everything which went before seem almost ordinary Doc gets his wish for a real story in spadesIf you don't know why Yehudi Smith is such a humorous and hard to believe name I didn't either so I looked it up The most common story ties it to the Pepsodent sponsored Bob Hope radio show on NBC which started in 1938 There was a running gag on the show a catchphrase of supporting player Jerry Colonna who would regularly ask “Who’s Yehudi” This became extremely popular and provoked a song in 1941 These were simpler daysThe earliest example in print of Yehudi in a sense of something that isn’t there is from the Science News Letter of September 1940 “The machine has not received a nickname as yet Since it deals with imaginary numbers it may answer to the name of ‘Yehudi’” In 1942 a film entitled Crazy Cruise featured an invisible battleship the SS Yehudi The following year one of the very earliest US military stealth projects was called Project YehudiI haven’t been able to find any earlier references so the word really may have its origin in Jerry Colonna’s catchphrase If it does then there may well be a connection with Yehudi Menuhin The story claims that Menuhin was engaged to play on one of the early shows but that Jerry Colonna didn’t know who he was and went around asking the cast This is supposed to have led to the running gag of his trying to identify YehudiPart of the popularity of Yehudi as a term for an invisible entity may lie in a linkage in people’s minds with a rhyme by Hughes Mearns that was set to music as The Little Man Who Wasn’t There in 1939 — just when the Colonna catchphrase was becoming known From a post on World Wide WordsOnly four stars because events are so unbelievable and the book is a little disjointed I downloaded this through Kindle Unlimited