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The Witch of Goingsnake and Other StoriesS and non Cherokees alike Set in the days of Indian Territory before Oklahoma statehood these stories provide a taste of the wild West seasoned with Cherokee cultural experienceStill other stories describe modern day Cherokees confronting the past and the present and continually struggling to find a place in the white people's world while maintaining a Cherokee belief system and way of life Some Cherokees confront ignorant whites others confront ignorant Cherokees and still others simply make their own way dealing with each other with outsiders with their environment and with their spirituality in uniuely personal albeit Cherokee waysClearly these stories differ from stories that grow out of a European tradition for behind them lie completely different cultural referents; different notions about interpreting eve. This was a really good books about myths from the Cherokee culture and about how Cherokees were treated around the turn of the centurySome of the stories are just that simply myths But others like Yellow Bird An Imaginary Biography are really good and touchingI also liked two other ones especially Wickliffe and The Night George Wolfe Died The three Yellow Bird Wickliffe and George Wolfe tell about how whites treated the Native Americans like animals and lumped them all together in one groupIn Yellow Bird a young boy's father is killed by his own people because he signed a treaty with the whites And in turn the boy wants to advenge his fathers death a longing that once he has done so slowly eats him away to the brink of death himselfIn Wickliffe a young Cherokee couple spend the night at their elderly friend's house the three are then joined by a group of white men who are on the trail of an Indian outlaw among the white only Charlie WickliffeIn George Wolfe a young CHerokee man is walking home from a meeting one night when he is attacked by a drunk racist He fights back and is thrown into jail The racist goes freeThis book shows the beliefs of the Cherokee people as well as some of the history of an abused peopleI really liked it and would recomend it to anyone who wants to read about Cherokees and their beliefs as well as trials and sufferings

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Free read The Witch of Goingsnake and Other Stories 107 ¿ Based on Cherokee history oral storytelling and personal experience these stories taken as a whole reflect the depth of Cherokee historical experience and the range of contemporary Cherokee life Several stories including the one from which the collection takes its name deal withNts time and language; and a different view of the purpose and art of storytelling Their author speaks with a clear Cherokee Indian voice to show how these cultural characteristics have survived centuries of abrupt change and to give readers an understanding of the fullness and humanity of the Cherokees as a peopleAs Wilma P Mankiller Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation says in her foreword to the stories Much has been written about the Cherokee people Not enough has been written by the Cherokee people The subtle nuances of language the memories of tribal life and the strong sense of the past and its integration with the present are lost even to the most gifted non Cherokee writer There is a movement among contemporary Cherokee writers to produce indigenous literature Robert Conley is a leader of that movemen. This collection of short stories and vignettes has the Cherokees of Oklahoma as its subject Some are historical some are set in the present day They are all written in an oral style Many include magic As a collection it can be repetitive with several of the stories showing conflict between men and wielders of magic The most beautiful of these might be Wili Woyi about a medicine man wanted in the white man's court for a murder This incorporates another recurring theme of the collection as well that of the conflict between traditional Cherokee life and white imperialism One story Old Joe also pokes fun at tribal governance

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Based on Cherokee history oral storytelling and personal experience these stories taken as a whole reflect the depth of Cherokee historical experience and the range of contemporary Cherokee life Several stories including the one from which the collection takes its name deal with the spiritual world In the title story a man and his family are devastated by the evil powers of a tsigli a witch In other stories medicine is used to constructive ends Some of the stories feature human animal transformations the ability to become invisible and the power to manipulate events In the context of the Cherokee world such stories are not fantasies They are stories about reality the reality known to CherokeesThe collection also includes tales of Cherokee outlaws one of the most intriguing aspects of Cherokee history to Cherokee. I was introduced to Conley’s writing after moving to Tahleuah OK in Cherokee County He is pretty famous around here being that he was Cherokee and had written over 80 books many about Cherokees if not all My favorite story that he had written is not in this book but instead is in Green Country Writing from Northeastern Oklahoma a book produced by writers who live around here It was titled The Plastic Indian Robert and his friends had driven by this large plastic Indian that is in front of a motel on highway 52 between Wagoner and Tahleuah It is a landmark that they didn’t cotton too So one day they talked about taking it down when no one was looking What transpired was really funny and I had wished that I had been there with them watching it all from a hidden position in the bushes After reading this story my friend Judith and I drove out to find it and when we did we took photos and the photo is in my review of the book Green CountryConley’s book of short stories begins with the Cherokee story of creation He mentions how the white man wanted to take away their creation story and replace it with their own myth of Adam and Eve And while the white man had tried to take away all of their beliefs they remain in various books but most of all they remain in the hearts of the American Indians And at times like during the Cherokee Holidays you will find Indian Storytellers surrounded by a group of people who are listening to their old stories and if you stop to listen whether you are Indian or not they can be spellbinding My favorite of this group of short stories was about a white man who wanted to marry a Cherokee woman He gave her an engagement ring and then made love to her Now that is an old story that crosses all cultural lines But after making love he began to think things over Her religious beliefs were superstitious as were the Christian ones to him so he began thinking about it and realized that he couldn’t live with her for this reason So he asks her to give him back his ring but she says No They are in a house where the sheriff and his men had decided to spend the night and the men are all over the floor sleeping She runs out of the house stepping on the men and waking up the entire household What happens is pretty humorous as are many of this storiesThe Hanging of Mose Miller was a story about a man who was to be hung and a about the hawk that came to his hanging This was one of his supernatural stories that I found to be interestingI also liked The Witch of Goingsnake This was another of his stories that had a supernatural ending In it the main character Bill had a witch for a neighbor and one day he saw her walking by him and when she did she looked right at him He believed that her look meant that she is going to do him harm so he began to fear her The next day his plow broke and then the following day it disappears One event after another happens and I am wishing that he would listen to his friends who told him that it is all a coincidence