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Brightest Kind of Darkness free read ↠ 106 ✓ Nara Collins is an average sixteen year old with one exception every night she dreams the events of the following day Due to an incident in her past Nara avoids using her special gift to change fate until she dreams a future she can't ignoreAfter Nara prevents a bombing at Blue Ridge High hNara Collins is an average sixteen year old with one exception every night she dreams the events of the following day Due to an incident in her past Nara avoids using her special gift to change fate until she dreams a future she can't ignoreAfter Nara prevents a bombing at Blue Ridge High. One thing that I enjoy about books is the way the plot flows This plot not only flowed nicely but grabbed the reader at every turn of the page I have never been so bombarded by literary goodness that all I could do is eat popcorn snuggle deeply with the book and hold on for the rideFirst off the characters from the start are so great flawed in every good way that you can;'t help but be in there shoes The characters are interesting fresh uniuely sculpted that the author makes you want to know From the moment I was in Nara shoes feeling the side of the high school wall I was done for Hooked in The thought of these characters holding something life changing intrigued me to no endThe plot itself is full of twist and turns I loved living every moment of it The flashes the death threats the constant on the run scenario it made it easy for the reader to fall in to the book and live it in the readers mind That fact that I was no longer in my world but in Ms Michelle world's came to me when I was so into the book that I hadn't even notice that my son was standing right in front of me asking me something Now that is a sign of a good bookThe love interest and the way it intertwined with the past the present and the future really grabbed me hard I loved reading Ethan and Nara explore all the possibilities of what is happening to them I loved the fierceness of their relationship and how close they got to each other I really enjoyed see them vulnerable It make the characters easier to see and connect toThis book is amazing Ever word every page lead me onto a higher place I loved being taken by surprise gasping 10 pages in and having my heart flutter with love If you want an book that will knock you off your feet read this book

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Than and Nara forge an irresistible connection but as their relationship heats up so do her uestions about his dark pastAuthor's note Brightest Kind of Darkness is a novel length dark paranormal YA full of mystery adventure romance and even a touch of horror It's suitable for ages 14 and u. O M G I finished this book just yesterday and my mouth is still in the shape of a perfect “o” I don’t know how I’m going to review it without giving any spoilers And trust me you don’t want to know too much going in The tension and climax at the end come from trying figuring out what is going on with Nara and hottie Ethan And girls Ethan IS smolderingOne thing first The cover alone made me want to read this It's gorgeous And for once you actually can judge the story by the cover It's perfect I loved Nara She is the type of girl I see myself becoming fast friends with She’s loyal despite her best friend pulling kind of a shitty move but regardless she still sticks by her That’s not to say she doesn’t give her a piece of her mind And for that I was happy She’s also smart When Fate becomes her enemy she doesn’t sit back and take it Nara uses her mind as well as other resources to figure things out Go girlEthan Harris Holy smokin’ hotness He’s everything I look for in a lead guy Not only is he uiet and broody the longer who has no idea how hot he is but he’s fiercely protective I think that’s what I loved most about him How he guarded Nara protected her did everything in his power to keep her safe And can we talk about the kissing scenes Michelle is a master at romance and she can make your toes curl All I can say is I HAVE to have the next book Although it does wrap up there at the end it definitely leaves you demanding and asking uestions having to know what is going to happen next Especially for EthanA must read for Paranormal Romance lovers as well as anyone looking for something fresh and new in the YA market And for only99 it's a flipping steal No excuse not to get your read on

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Brightest Kind of DarknessHer ability to see the future starts to fade while people at school are suddenly being injured at an unusually high rateGrappling with her diminishing powers and the need to prevent another disaster Nara meets Ethan Harris a mysterious loner who seems to understand her better than anyone E. Okay Recent controversies may have cropped up about authors and negative reviews but this book was a two star book for me and I'm sticking to it Which actually is kind of weird because there were a few parts that I really liked First the good stuff The concept itself is pretty cool and there's a lot of tension building up in the first half of the book Nara Collins is a teenage girl who consistently dreams of her future and not just little things We're talking EVERYTHING goals scored in soccer games phone calls from her estranged dad the works Conseuently Nara is a control freak The book opens with her claiming to enjoy surprises comparing it to wearing my best friend’s favorite shirt but to be honest her actions don't really back that up later in the book Nara likes controlling her life and who can blame her If I could've seen the future in high school I'd probably have aced all of my exams too Her romantic interest Ethan is also actually pretty interesting background wise He's a loner has his own complicated background and seemingly knows something about Nara's ability view spoilerWe eventually learn that he's able to somehow STEAL Nara's dreams from her which is kinda weird and never really explained He's also got some sort of psychic tattoo thing going on which again isn't addressed other than the fact that it's apparently hot and gives him the uintessential bad boy image hide spoiler