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How the Dead Live Free read Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Will Self has one of literature's most astonishing imaginations and in How the Dead Live his talent has come to full flower Lily Bloom is an angry aging American transplanted to England now losing her battle with cancer Attended by nurses and her two daughters lumpy ChOf her coworkers notices that she's not alive She gets to know her roommates Rude Boy her terminally furious son who died in a car accident at age nine; Lithy a fetus that died before she ever knew it existed; the Fats huge formless shapes composed of all the weight she's ever gained or lost How the Dead Live is Will Self's most remarkable and expansively human book an important disturbing vision of our tim. I'm not uite sure how I feel about this book I didn't have to force myself to finish it but I was eager to be done because I didn't like spending time with Lilly Bloom alive or dead The story is told by Lilly Bloom who is dying then dead from breast cancer Will Self said that the story is based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead and as a Buddhist I find the story believable Lilly dies of cancer and after death is ushered into her life as a dead person by Phar Lap Jones an Aborigine from Australia who wears cowboy boots jeans mirror sun glasses and a big white Stetson She is accompanied in death by Lithy the lithopedion a calcified foetus that fell out of her uterus upon her death and now sings pop songs from the 70s 80 and 90s Rude Boy her son who was hit by a car and age 9 and now runs around swearing at people and waving his penis and the Fats the eyeless blobs of fat that consist of all the weight she gained and lost in her life who chant old and fat old and fat at LillyThe laws of Karma are in action here Lilly's attachments to her daughters her guilt over her son's death her obsession with sex and her anger at her husbands keep her stuck in a London she does not like Phar Lap tries a few times to let Lilly know that she could be free off this cycle if she wanted to be but Lilly is too attached The addictions and negative emotions that distracted her in life her Karmic seeds follow her in death and ultimately bloom because she will not let go of themWill Self is a gifted wordsmith His stream of consciousness style is engaging intelligent witty and flows very smoothly He created a London of the dead that felt like an alternate London complete with knowable uite original characters The story rambled this way and that at times as Lilly looks back at her 60 some years revealing to the reader the roots of her attachments and narrates the lives of her daughters to us No one was likeable and Karma does not guarantee a happy ending The Karmic seeds Lilly planted and nurtured are the seeds that blossomed I think the book is worth reading but I'm glad I'm done with it

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Fetime of lust and rage From '40s career girl to '50s tippling adulteress to '70s PR flak Lily has seen America and England through most of a century of riotous and unreal change And then it's over Lily catches a cab with her death guide Aboriginal wizard Phar Lap Jones and enters the shockingly banal world of the dead the suburbs She discovers smoking without conseuences and gets another PR job where none. Definitely not my favorite Self novel He usually has a certain understated brilliance that exudes from his work; however I found this one terribly difficult to get into and then once it hit its stride it was rather prosaic and dull Interesting premise that unfortunately has been done in a better manner by some other authors Luckily Self still has two other older works that sound phenomenal This wasn’t among my favorites

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How the Dead LiveWill Self has one of literature's most astonishing imaginations and in How the Dead Live his talent has come to full flower Lily Bloom is an angry aging American transplanted to England now losing her battle with cancer Attended by nurses and her two daughters lumpy Charlotte a dour successful businesswoman and beautiful Natasha a junkie Lily takes us on a surreal opinionated trip through the stages of a li. Some thoughts on Will Self’s How The Dead Live The first 280 or so pages deliver the constant narrative pleasure of some illicit drug One is constantly buoyed along by the wonderful storytelling His model or one of them is clearly Louis Ferdinand CélineAmerican Lily Bloom twice married now a widow living in London is dying of cancer and then stone dead of it We are there at her long deathbed scene after which she finds herself non living in a London of the astral plane in her subtle body We share her last days and the decade or so of her afterlife She begins to smoke again since it can't possibly harm her Lily non lives in a London where only the dead know the little out of the way places in this case Dulston somewhere near Dalston a complete neighborhood of the dead This arbitrarily imagined world makes a kind of crazy sense so vividly is it rendered so consistent is its patterning and rules of order The dead meet in groups at the community center to learn how to become dead It's a 12 step program The afterlife it turns out is as problematic and bureaucratic as life itself It's also intolerably banal Lily is led in her death odyssey by dead Australian aborigine Phar Lap Jones She is able to visit the living non living as she does in the midst of them She visits Natalia her junkie daughter a very sad story Self mistakenly thinks he can make funny and her materialist daughter Charlene who with her husband owns a chain of stores called Waste of Paper Once dead Lily is free to witness the comings and goings of these two daughters Natalia or Natty is one of the saddest portraits of a junky I have ever read William Burroughs’s tales not excepted Natty has turned herself into a walking talking blight on humanity She is a raving lunatic beauty a complete waste of human flesh She is a whore living with her pimp for junk Lily is never enlightened by her own passing She is deep in what the Buddhists term samsara the endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth Enlightenment She's too pissed off for that She must alas be reborn continually until she sees the light which in her case may be several hundreds lives off About page 280 or so I must admit I began to feel rather brutalized Self's word play is as relentless as the tone though it never rises to the subtle sometimes italicized level of another model Martin AmisHowever there can be no uestion of the author's mastery In the first 280 pages there are long brainy sections that simply sing and these can be terribly funny as well The storytelling in this part is gripping and vivid However a novel of ideas this is not How The Dead Live like Money is a voice novel in which tone becomes everything and overrides form Sometimes too there's the madcap sensibility of Samuel Beckett If you're looking for deft modulation of tone this is not the novel for you It's a no holds barred all out rant against the unfairness of life and death Here we feel the influence of the anarchist Céline most sharplyI was perplexed by the italicized Christmas 2001 sections These sections really become tedious until one discovers at the very end what they mean Self does not sufficiently adumbrate I was absolutely lost reading them Note being somewhat lost or rather lost is part of the fun of fiction But I was entirely lost in these sections which made them seem to me like pointless padding Poor editing me thinksIn closing let me say again that there are long patches of beautiful writing here and many funny bits But the book is at least 75 pages too long A judicious editing the novel certainly deserved and did not appear to get I recommend it nevertheless Read it stay with it if you can but be prepared to bleed