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free read Cant Is Not an Option ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ A rising star in the Republican Party shares her inspirational memoir of family hope and the power of the American Dream Decades before their daughter surprised the nation by becoming governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley's parents had a dream Ajit and Raj RNutes two police cars pulled to make sure they weren't thievesBut the Randhawas taught their children that they should never think of themselves as victims They stressed that if you work hard and stay true to yourself you can overcome any obstacle The key is believing that can't is not an optionThe family struggled to make ends meet while starting a clothing business in their living room eventually growing it into a multimillion dollar success At age twelve Nikki started to do the bookkeeping and taxes after school After graduating from college and entering the business world she watched business owners like her parents battle government bureaucracy and overregulationHer frustration inspired her to get into politics and run for the state legislature That first campaign against an entrenched incumbent. Great autobiography written in 2012 Nikki Haley is one of my heroes And I am reminded once again that most great people I admire did not spend their childhoods playing hours of video games and complaining about being a victim Instead as seen also in the life of Clarence Thomas they learned to work hard persevere when times are tough live with integrity and become self sufficient In addition they studied history especially the ideas on which America was founded and work to preserve Constitutional values Nikki Haley will have my vote if she runs for president someday“While we were having our primary in South Carolina in Washington Barack Obama was muscling his trillion dollar health care bill through Congress He and his allies in Congress resorted to backroom deals and constitutionally suspect tactics to force the bill through Congress It was everything that was wrong with government on full display the arrogance of the establishment the bullying tactics of the feds and the absolute disregard for the taxpayers who would be paying the bill” p 122“I uoted Margaret Thatcher ‘Once we concede that public spending and taxation are than a necessary evil we have lost sight of the core values of freedom’It expressed so well what I wanted for South Carolina I wanted the people to be awakened to a new role for their government I wanted them to understand that their money is theirs government has no prior claim to it I wanted them to understand that their freedom is theirs that it’s not the gift of their government but of their creator” p 202“I am the proud daughter of legal immigrants emphasis on the LEGAL My parents played by the rules and waited their turn They are offended as am I by those who try to backdoor the system and come here illegally When we allow this debate to be about race we lose sight of the principle that is really at the heart of it the rule of law We are a nation of immigrants and we’re proud of it But we are first and foremost a nation of laws If we give up being a nation of laws we give up everything this country was founded onIf pro illegal immigration groups had a better argument for their policies they’d be using it The fact that they’ve resorted to calling their opponents names says everything about the policy ground they stand on” p 213“One of the great things about this country is that we understand that our neighbor’s ability to get ahead is tied up with our own We don’t play class warfare politics very well here and I love that We don’t want to see government take from ‘the rich’ because we all think we or our children can be rich someday and in America we can” p 234 boy things have changed in 7 years we now have presidential candidates vowing to take money from the rich to give to the poor“The modern welfare state has bred dependency debt and economic stagnation We’ve lost a lot of that ‘don’t complain do something about it’ spirit that my parents worked so hard to teach us as kids In exchange for dubious promises of comfort and security we’ve surrendered too much of our freedom to government” p 235“If Washington does such an abysmal job of managing its own finances they why would anyone trust it to manage their health care What’s if a bigger bureaucratic intrusive federal government were the way to fix the economy we would never have a recession to begin with because heaven knows we’ve had a lot of big intrusive government The American people grasp this at a very gut level because they have now witnessed it for most of their lives” p 236

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A rising star in the Republican Party shares her inspirational memoir of family hope and the power of the American Dream Decades before their daughter surprised the nation by becoming governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley's parents had a dream Ajit and Raj Randhawa were well educated well off Sikhs in the Punjab region of India But despite their high social status the Randhawas wanted for their family the opportunities that only America could offerSo they left behind all they had known and settled in Bamberg South Carolina population 2500 As the first Indian family in a small Southern town in the early 1970s the Randhawas faced ignorance prejudice and sometimes blatant hostility Nikki remembers stopping at a roadside produce stand with her father who always wore his traditional Sikh turban Within mi. I think I didn't like this book as much as I wanted to not because it was poorly written but because Nikki Haley and I have different political leanings And this is not the forum to discuss politics So I won't go too into it here except to say that I find it hard to take seriously anyone who gushes over Sarah Palin or who thinks that God has any thing to do with getting you elected to public office God didn't vote People did That said I admire Nikki for staying true to her beliefs and breaking through the old boy's club to become the first woman and Indian American governor of South Carolina Good for her you know

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Cant Is Not an OptionLed to racial and religious slurs and threats but Haley like her parents refused to back down She won on a promise to fight for reform lean budgets and government accountability which is exactly what she did much to the dismay of South Carolina's old guard politiciansSoon she had a reputation as a conservative leader who could get things done In the same state where her family was once ridiculed she inspired a diverse grassroots following In November 2010 she was elected South Carolina's first female governor and first nonwhite governor and only the second Indian American governor in the countryHaley's story as told firsthand in this inspiring memoir is a testament to the power of determination faith and family And it's proof that the American Dream is still strong and true in the twenty first centu. The American dream is still alive and wellA remarkably well written autobiography displaying the development and success of American values of family unity hard work persistence and IntegrityA display of overcoming or better not succumbing to color nationality nor religious intolerance in the community the family nor personally