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Passion Patrol 1 - Knockout Read ✓ 109 ´ A boxing official dead in New York Interpol cop Anna Leyton meets world champ cruiser weight Freddie La Salle in a black London cab Both have pasts and secrets They need each other openly but neither must reveal the truth A sports reporter is slain Organised criminals conspire to rig international Of her erotic love The do or die passion of a fighter in his prime feeds the flames to a white heat of lust Follow the big fight build up through London Paris and California all the way to that round one bell in New York City Can Freddie La Salle do what he has to do in the ring Can true love be built on deception Take off the gloves and buy this book now for a front row seat Enjoy. A friend recommended this book to me knowing I like both mysteries and romances and I am so glad she did Anna Leyton is a Metropolitan Police Detective in London on assignment to Interpol In the tradition of romances she meets her man by pure chance well almost competing for a London cab on one of those rainy evenings when cabs are scarce When she shares a cab with Freddie La Salle and breathing in his male fragrance and his aura of something her life has already undergone the change that we expect in romances The rest as they say is historyI really found three things about this book extraordinary the first being the originality of the plot Freddie La Salle turns out to be a famous boxing champion and Anna's department has launched an investigation into illegal betting and money laundering connected with professional sports Horse racing yes Football basketball Formula 1 racing when was the last time you read a mystery that centered on corruption in the boxing world The originality of beautiful Anna falling for a crooked boxer drew me in and never let me goThe love story juxtaposed with an unfolding crime solving drama creates an impossible dilemma for the beautiful detective and this is the second thing about Knockout that really works Anna falls in love with Freddie before even learning he's a famous boxer let alone before finding out that her department will identify him as a prime suspect in the mafia ring The police assign her to watch him ostensibly to bring him in at the first hint of proof of his involvement and the stage is set for an impossible choice Will she choose love or will she fulfill her duty as a cop The author carries this fine spun dilemma to the absolute limitBut the most extraordinary thing about Knockout is its poetic language When was the last time you read a mystery with sentences like this It was a short walk to the National Criminal Intelligence Service offices just off the Embankment in Spring Gardens near the Lambeth Bridge The first leaves of autumn drifted along the footway The pushing tongue of the Thames licked around the pillars of the bridges Note all those gorgeous words rooted in old English words like embankment and lambeth and bridges and pushing and licked The author has no inhibition about mixing a genre story with extraordinarily well crafted language Although you might not even notice it she is stripping the English language down to its most beautiful basic original euipment and making gorgeous prose out of it The language is sensual and gripping and powerful all at once launching you on a rollar coaster of emotions even as the story unfoldsKnockout will surprise you with its ualities but do not be surprised if you put it down wishing for I did

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A boxing official dead in New York Interpol cop Anna Leyton meets world champ cruiser weight Freddie La Salle in a black London cab Both have pasts and secrets They need each other openly but neither must reveal the truth A sports reporter is slain Organised criminals conspire to rig international gambling A cop in love with her number one suspect risks the fire to express the heat. Audiobook Narrator – Rebecca McKernanAs a Texan and not widely traveled I struggled with the accents used for this audio book I tried slowing the speed down but it still just never did work for me When the hero’s voice changed from Californian to French at no understandable whims I was lost and frustrated because I really did not like the French accent Mostly because it was so much harder for me to follow If strong accents don’t bother you then I think you’ll enjoy this oneThis was a bit insta loveinsta lust and these characters were pretty much in love after spending only hours together Wasn’t expecting that since the heroine is an investigator for Interpol and I thought she’d be a harder nut to crack There’s a lot of outside drama going on here The heroine is hiding her true purpose from the hero so when that is revealed we then have relationship drama trust issues and bad guy drama The steam level here was about a medium and the angst was pretty low in my opinion This had a good pace to it the characters were likable plenty of secondary characters and lots of little paths coming off the main road of the story line Altogether an enjoyable readI was given this free review copy audio book at my reuest and have voluntarily left this reviewMostly h POVSafe view spoilerno owom drama hide spoiler

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Passion Patrol 1 KnockoutThis novel 'Combat' from Emma Calin's 8 part 'Passion Patrol Series' combining thrilling crime mystery with explicit steamy suspense romance If you enjoy James Patterson Catherine Coulter Nora Roberts and Kendra Elliot you'll love a series that combines all of their best traits in fast paced pulse pounding roller coaster adventures full of passionate romance deception danger and lov. Great storyline a bit different from what I'm used to You could definitely tell the author isn't American The language was a bit different and it was a little hard to understand some of the subtleties It also seemed of a sophisticated read than most romantic suspense that I normally come across I'd definitely recommend this to both contemporary and romantic suspense fans