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Free download ´ Born in Fire ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Three modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of IrelandThe eldest Concannon sister Maggie is a reclusive stubborn and free spirited glassmaker—with a heart worth winningMargaret Mary is a glass artist with an independent streak as fierce as her volaThree modern sisters bound by the timeless beauty of IrelandThe eldest Concannon sister Maggie is a reclusive stubborn and free spirited glassmaker with a heart worth winningMargaret Mary is a glass artist with an independent streak as fierce. When I was little I used to have this ridiculous dress purse that I'd carry around with me Most little girls would probably fill their purses with makeup or toys but what did I fill mine with Tiny glass figurines Our family would go to Vancouver and I would salivate over tiny blown glass unicorns They were like crack to tiny Flann I hoarded them and carried them around but I did not exercise due care with them I'd wrap them in toilet paper to attempt to keep them whole but in the end I had of a collection of maimed glass animals The point of this story is for you all to know that I am predisposed to think anything that has to do with blown glass is awesome Even though I no longer have an affinity for unicorns or glass tchotchkes I still get a major boner for blown glass art that is well done Aaaaaand that is one of the reasons I love this book so much Mary Margaret Concannon Maggie the heroine of Born in Fire makes fabulous glass art well it is described fabulously and in my imagination it is pretty much my sweetest dreamMaggie lives in the west of Ireland another major love of mine in a cottage near her childhood home Her sister Brianna runs a small bed and breakfast out of Blackthorn Cottage and cares for their heinous mother who has nothing but awful things to say about Maggie and spends her days complaining about her lot in life While Maggie has had relative success with her artistic endeavors she’s always hoped that she could make enough money to move their mother to her own home so Brianna could actually live her own life Enter Rogan Sweeney a Dublin businessman who runs an international corporation and owns several large galleries He approaches Maggie to manage her work and make her the money she’s dreamed about Besides the glass art and County Clare in Ireland I love this book because of the romantic relationship Maggie is hard headed disorganized passionate and temperamental—she knows exactly what she does and doesn’t want Rogan seems like her complete opposite but in reality he’s very similar to heronly much organized The two fight uite a lot during the book but it never gets to the point of legitimate meanness which is something I hate in some romance novels The romance IS the story in this book as opposed to many Nora Roberts books that center on some mystery or other storyline If you don’t want to read about making art describing art and selling art than this book will bore you Because I eat that stuff up I am happy that this book still performed for me even after 3 or 4 reads This book is a comparative 5 stars Is it as fabulous as lit fic books I’ve given 5 stars to No But in terms of romance books I just love it NBN Week 2011 B2

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Ne man Dublin gallery owner Rogan Sweeney has seen the soul in Maggie’s art and vows to help her build a career When he comes to Maggie’s studio her heart is inflamed by their fierce attraction and her scarred past is slowly healed by lov. I read Born in Fire a few years ago but suddenly wanted to read something beautiful and not very demanding Often that is just what going back to a book that I already read and loved means to me It is like a vacation when I go to the beach and just lay on the sand or take a little swin I don’t have to worry I don’t have to agonize wondering whether I will like what is to come Just revel in it Of course it has to be a well written book As I share a love for Ireland with Nora Roberts this book seemed to fit the bill I loved the setting the art of blown glass but above all Maggie and Rogan Tormented by the relationship with her mother she's always supportive of her sister but above all an ambitious and highly talented artist; he's a gallery owner deeply commited to art and very sure of himself Both have strong personalities and know what they want They are not without their conflicts not perfect at all Great just like all of us I also enjoyed Brianna and Murphy a lot Born in Fire is the first in the Born In Trilogy about three sisters followed by Born in Ice and Born in Shame I have read and enjoyed them all They are strongly interconnected and you should read them in seuence besides in the second and third installments the protagonists of the previous books are very present It’s almost as if it was a long book with many characters and shifting leads This is a romance trilogy as opposed to many Nora Roberts novels whose plots are basically mystery and suspense mixed with romance but one of her best of the genre in my opinion I highly recommend Born in Fire and the whole trilogy

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Born in FireAs her volatile temper Hand blowing glass is a difficult and exacting art and while she may produce the delicate and the fragile Maggie is a strong and opinionated woman a Clare woman with all the turbulence of that fascinating west countryO. Book one of Born in Trilogy and our OSRBC book of the month was an engaging but oh SO WONDERFUL rideThe explosive story of Maggie and Rogan is the tale of when scorching fire meets calm water chaos meets orderWe are introduced to the glass blower Maggie in a heart wrenching introduction to the character and a parents' death that is expected yet agonizing5 years later she runs her life with an independent streak surviving with her sister Brianna who owns a BB; laden with bitter and unhappy motherEnter the art connoisseur and agent Rogan who wants to take her precious art and expose it to the world Always having lived in poverty and having seen a dreamer father die unsatisfied she takes the chance to improve their life and find a new path for herselfThe chemistry between Rogan and Maggie is searing; existing from the moment they met but slowly simmering into this volcano that erupts when they finally consummate their relationship Beautiful love blooms and the contrast between their characters was a delight to read I really really loved the portrayal of Maggie this unconventionalself reliant temperamental impulsive and disorganized artist who is always striving for and finds home as well as in this efficient suave polite Rogan Her interactions with the mother contribute to being one of the most interesting parts of the story and you can't help root for herI felt so much for Brianna and cannot wait to read about her Also view spoiler happy for Patricia and Joseph hide spoiler