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The Collaborator review ó 3 ¸ One call will change her life and will start a war She is an Italian accountancy student in London and her boyfriend Eddie teaches at a language school But the prime reason Immacolata Borelli came to Britain was to look after her gangster brother wanted for multiple murders back home in Naples For the Borelli clan are majorClan are major players in the Camorra a crime network close knit and ruthless than the Sicilian Mafia Mario Castrolami is a senior Carabinieri investigator of the Camorra his career dedicated to destroying the corruption and violence of the clans When Immacolata calls from London to say she is prepared to coll. It's a while since I read a Gerald Seymour He's good really good One of the Camorra families the Naples Mafia is ruled by a woman the Godmother since her husband was jailed Their sons already have roles in the family business protection construction deals toxic waste disposal Immacolata their daughter studying in England turns against the family after a humiliation at a friend's funeral The Carabinieri whisk her into witness protection and arrest her mother and brothers Ima's English boyfriend Eddie unaware of her family's gangland connection ill advisedly goes to Naples to find her Then a freelance security guy Lukas has to go looking for Eddy Seymour's 'formula' best seen in his stunning novels set in the Middle East's war zones is to follow several strands of a story and then slowly and suspensefully pull them together towards an excruciatingly tense confontation He does this here brilliantlyThere's a chilling scene towards the end when Immocalata's minders take her to visit her parish priest in Naples Far from granting her absolution he denounces her betrayal of her family the majority of Neapolitans take pleasure and pride from the reputation of their home as the centre of the western world's most successful criminal conspiracyThis multi stranded story is told from perhaps too many viewpoints including not only the Godmother but the clan's Founding grandmother and grandfather but Seymour brilliantly evokes not just the sights and smells of Naples' slums but also the culture of deference and fear that stalks every one of the city's streets; the Camorra families rule the city totally and ruthlessly Like John Le Carre Gerald Seymour elevates the thriller to the level of serious literature This is up there with The Godfather in the annals of crime fiction

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Aborate with justice to betray her own family he knows she is setting in motion a terrifying and unpredictable series of events The Borellis will not lose their criminal empire without a vicious fight They will use anything and anyone to prevent her from giving evidence against them Even Eddie and Eddie's life. ‘innocent getting into trouble with the Mafia abroad’ tale has its momentsbut hampers itself with a range of either not part likeable characterscardboard standees There are the ruthless gangsters the harassed policemenand prosecutorsand even a dmgd spcl ops guy who –luckily– through a friend of a friend of the kidnap victim gets involvedTht being said the worlds of Naples and of Dalston on East London are well capturedCuriously for the 1sttime in my life I had tgt Dalston this weekIt was odd to be wandering around the exact same streets I’d just been reading about on the tube upIn the end it’s an effective airport thriller wa good few moments of tensioneven if the conclusion is just the wrong side of sentimental

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The CollaboratorOne call will change her life and will start a war She is an Italian accountancy student in London and her boyfriend Eddie teaches at a language school But the prime reason Immacolata Borelli came to Britain was to look after her gangster brother wanted for multiple murders back home in Naples For the Borelli. My little Mika is 45 years old She was allocated 3 pound coins carefully washed to buy gifts at the school Christmas fair And she knows daddy reads books She sought advice from somebody at school and when she came back from the fair there was a ball for her mommy an Octonauts video for her brother and “The Collaborator” for me She had been assured it was a “mystery” bookI don’t read fiction And I sure don’t read trash So I told her I would read it and hoped she forgetsMika does not forgetOnce every other day I’d be asked how far I’ve gotten in the book At than 500 pages this is a bit of a stout read so that was an OK excuse “I’m halfway done Mika”“And how about the book review daddy”Ah there’s that too I’ve set up my son on where he reviews his school reading and he’s very happy to do it because daddy reviews books At 65 George still admires daddy I’m told it ends soon so reviewing books is cool The corollary is Mika has been expecting this book review for a whileSki vacation happened last week half term Mika and I flew out first the rest of the family followed a day later Made a point of bringing “The Collaborator” with me so Mika would know I’m reading it And now I’m done The three stars I’ve given the book dear reader are there because my gorgeous Mika is not yet a very strong reader and will probably not get this far in the book review One never knows there may well be a book in this genre that merits three stars but this is not itA friend of mine likes to say that there are two categories of people those with spare time and those with spare things to do 500 page airport thrillers doorstoppers are decidedly for the first category This is a book meant to be read in a coach on a ferry boat or on the can And at GBP 699 new my girl got herself a bargain there it’s priced to compete with a used DVD compared to which it will give you many hours of well not exactly sure what A thrill I guess is the general ideaSo if you are too poor to buy one of those devices people seem to be staring at while they are sitting in the ferry or too scared you might drop it in the toilet and you have a very slow moving gut that’s where “the Collaborator” comes in You really cannot read it in the Tube mind I had it with me the other day and from out of nowhere a gratuitous sex scene came up and I was overcome with the fear the guy next to me might think I’m a total loser The words inside and “penetrate” come up a lot and for no reason let's put it that wayAnd the plot is outlandish the daughter of a mafia boss goes to the funeral of a friend who died from leukemia caused by soil contamination her dad was responsible for The parents of her friend spit on her and tear up her blouse has that ever happened in the history of mankind Has it happened at a funeral and she has the epiphany that she must collaborate with the police against her family And her English boyfriend comes to look for her and becomes a pawn in the negotiation And there’s an American loner who is a hostage negotiator and he’s introduced around page 100 of the book and isn’t put out of his misery till page 500 And you find out about how the mafia treats those who don’t pay for protection somewhere along the way and wish you hadn’t even if it’s true“And tell me Athan did you finish the book”You got me there I did I’d love to say I needed to get past page 125 that’s what the flight out to Munich got me to to realize this is tripe of the worst order the euivalent of watching Brazilian soap opera dubbed into Spanish but I kind of knew that right away And I also predicted fairly early on how all characters would develop to the minuscule degree that they did and I guessed all details of the plot except for the death of the negotiator I thought the English loverboy would get it instead uite early too And I do not ever read fiction And yet I finished the bookSo I must admit with some regret that the author gripped me enough that I had to finish With that said I also once watched Mike Judge’s “Idiocracy” till the end Make of that what you want