Free download ã Murder Inc The Story of the Syndicate uality Paperbacks Series ↠ eBook PDF or Kindle ePUB

Free download Murder Inc The Story of the Syndicate uality Paperbacks Series

Free download ã Murder Inc The Story of the Syndicate uality Paperbacks Series ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ “Murder Inc” was the moniker of the Syndicate’s firing suad a ruthless group of men guilty of professionally committing 1000 murders Murder Inc is tR It describes the carefully built organization with its board of governors and its kangaroo court and shows how this massive and powerful organization was finally brokenFor it was only from the murderers themselves that the truth could be learned And no man was ualified to tell the whole story than Burton Turkus the Brooklyn assistant DA who listened to the killers’ tales and who sent seven of them to the electric chair Together with Sid Feder a veteran journalist they produced Murder Inc the definitive work on the most dangerous group of gangsters the law has ever kno. There are a lot of books about Murder Inc but this was one is the best because it was written by the man who was the District Attorney who interviewed many of the major players and prosecuted many of the most infamous killers in Murder Inc Turkus' intimate knowledge of the cases makes this book the best on the subject

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“Murder Inc” was the moniker of the Syndicate’s firing suad a ruthless group of men guilty of professionally committing 1000 murders Murder Inc is the book that exposed the Syndicate to the eyes of the world First published in 1951 it rose to the top of the best seller list but later fell out of print Now here is a new edition of the classic that tells all about the great gangsters of the late ’30s and ’40s Frank Costello Louis ”Lepke” Buchalter Meyer Lansky Lucky Luciano Buggsy Siegel Johnny Torrio Willie Sutton Joey Adonis Dutch Schultz Here are the storie. This is an old book written in the 50’s by the Assistant Brooklyn DA who sent many members of Murder Inc to the Electric Chair Many of the contentions he puts forth in the book have sense been proven untrue he talks many times about how the Mafia I dead replaced by the Syndicate But the inside stories of Murder Inc he talked with and debriefed the famous canary Abe Kid Twist Reles make the book worth reading

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Murder Inc The Story of the Syndicate uality Paperbacks SeriesS of how Pittsburgh Phil and Buggsy Goldstein literally set Puggy Feinstein on fire; how and why Kid Twist Reles sang to the DA for twelve straight days confessing dozens of murders; how the killers’ boss Albert Anastasia slipped through the arms of the lawFrom the highest levels of the US government down to the lowest levels of street crime the Syndicate infiltrated American life Murder Inc tells how it was formally organized by the nation’s ranking mob lords at the end of Prohibition to control all crime from gambling to crooked politics to labor extortion and murde. Back in the 1940s Burton Turkus was a prosecutor so talented at taking down organized crime figures that his foes gave him the name “Mr Arsenic” After some high – profile court cases he collaborated with the journalist Sid Feder to write Murder Inc The Story Of the Syndicate The result was this history book that has become somewhat of a classic in the annals of American lowlife literature When the big bosses of the national mob began their War of Extermination a campaign of assassination to rid the world of anybody who had inside dirt on their activities a professional hitman named Abe “Kid Twist” Reles turned himself in to the police and began to tell all he knew It was a desperate measure to prevent himself from being rubbed out thinking he could take down the mob before they took him down instead The canary began to sing as they say and Reles’ narrative acts as a framework for the entire book Details are given about Lucky Luciano’s purge of Mafia and the rise of his Unione Siciliano Then he along with such organized crime bosses as Frank Costello Buggsy Siegel Happy Maione Albert Anastasia and others formed a governing board called The Syndicate The council had no leaders; it was a multi ethnic fraternity of euals who agreed to coordinate their efforts to rule the American underworld from coast to coast Murder Inc became the faction of professional killers that carried out hits for The Syndicate Some noteworthy stories are told; While the crimes described were committed all across America most of the stories take place in Brooklyn since that was the base of operations for both Turkus and The Syndicate Dutch Schultz goes rogue and decides to murder an attorney who is determined to prosecute the mob The Syndicate realizes this would draw unwanted attention to themselves so they gun down Schultz to save the hated lawyer Buggsy Siegel gets shot while sitting by a window Reles invites a man to his mother’s house and then with the assistance of Pittsburgh Phil they strangle and stab him to death with an ice pick while the old lady sleeps in her bedroom They celebrate by dining on lobster in a fine restaurant immediately afterwards Louis “Lepke” Buchalter infiltrates the clothing manufacturers and trucking unions and benefits financially as he gets different members to fight each other while strongarming the factory bosses as well These stories read like fairy tales of evil but the sadistic vicious and brutal murders are what really stand out overall The depiction of the court trials are also interesting maybe so because Turkus was there in the courtroom prosecuting the criminals and sending most of them to be fried like eggs in Sing Sing’s electric chair The writing varies in uality from time to time Mostly it is straight and starkly brutal with few frills or stray details Occasionally the wording slips into a New Yorkese tough guy patois that spices up the bleak narrative a bit The timeline jumps all over the place and a wide range of people are introduced to the story who have nothing to distinguish them other than the crimes they engage in Most of the writing is clear and direct but the passages about Lepke’s involvement in the labor unions gets muddled at times Turkus gives a dark and gritty portrait of a particularly somber time in America’s history The glamour of Hollywood gangsters is not here; Murder Inc is a street level gut wrenching view of thug life and membership in the most cruel of secret societies Turkus finally tells how Kid Twist Reles died a mysterious death and Albert Anastasia escaped prosecution Then a direct line is drawn connecting The Syndicate with some politicians most significantly New York City mayor William O’Dwyer who may have had a hand in getting some gangsters set free Murder Inc may not be one of the most complete or accurate histories of organized crime in America It certainly is one of the most interesting ones though if anything because it never pulls any punches The mob members are creepy the violence is terrible and the vengeance of the law is sweet