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The Minority ReportImagine a future where crimes can be detected before they are committed and criminals are convicted and sentenced for crimes before committing them Th. ”’You have to be taken in if Precrime is to survive You’re thinking of your own safety But think for a moment about the system’ Leaning over Lisa stubbed out her cigarette and fumbled in her purse for another ‘Which means to you your own personal safety or the existence of the system’‘My safety’ Anderton answered without hesitation‘You’re positive’‘If the system can survive only by imprisoning innocent people then it deserves to be destroyed My personal safety is important because I’m a human being’” If you think about someone who looks the exact opposite of Tom Cruise you will know what John Allison Anderton looked like in Philip K Dick’s mindWith wives like Lisa who needs enemiesJohn Allison Anderton’s day begins with the arrival of a snot nosed kid by the name of Ed Witwer He has been assigned to Precrime to eventually replace Anderton whenever he decides to retire The system is based on three Precogs who can foresee the future They are able to see a crime before it is committed When two or agree it is called a majority report but if one disagrees with the other two that is a minority report Anderton designed the system but even he has some ualms about the validity of what they do ”’So the commission of a crime itself is absolute metaphysics We claim they are culpable They on the other hand eternally claim they’re innocent And in a sense they are innocent’‘In our society we have no major crimes Anderton went on ‘but we do have a detention camp full of would be criminals’” When Anderton pulls the latest cards from the Precogs and finds his name among them stipulating that he is going to kill someone next week he doesn’t even know he knows that he is being framed He has no choice but to go on the run and hide until the week has passed and in the process prove the error of the forecasting but if he does that he also proves the system is flawed There are people who most definitely don’t want that to happen He soon finds he can’t trust anyone and maybe the very person he trusts the least is his only hope at discovering and exposing the truth There are obviously differences between the short story and the movie I enjoy both and don’t have a problem that Steven Spielberg deviates and updates the concepts that Philip K Dick came up with in 1956 Spielberg embraces the technological advances that have occurred in the last 46 years and is able to anticipate accurately what the near future would look like I caught just about ten minutes of the movie the other day and stopped watching it because I realized I was way overdue to watch the complete movie again but it did remind me that I’d never read the original inspiration for the movie For those who are fans of the movie you will meet a different world in the short story but what always fascinates me is how the original story influences a director an artist or another writer and therefore escapes the boundaries of the creator If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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Summary The Minority Report 107 ↠ Imagine a future where crimes can be detected before they are committed and criminals are convicted and sentenced for crimes before committing them This is the scenario of Philip K Dick's classic story now filmed by Steven Spielberg starring Tom CruiseIn addition to MINORITY REPORT this exclusive collection includes nine othIs is the scenario of Philip K Dick's classic story now filmed by Steven Spielberg starring Tom CruiseIn addition to MINORITY REPORT this exclusive co. 11115I might have to reread this very soon because I just watched the movie and it was fantastic I'm not sure if I read the same novel as the ones who rated this 4 5 stars I honestly don't get how to like this novel aside from the premiseThe blurbsynopsis is very ambiguous yet that's not my problem with this one Ambiguity doesn't necessarily mean that the novel's going to turn out awful but rather ambiguity in most cases leads to the enjoyment of the reader In this case everything didn't work out the way I wanted things toWhile the premise is very interesting the execution for me was horrible I honestly only liked the first story and the others were boring and flat I needed to force myself to read and read hoping to be able to enjoy myself but after every short story the level of my boredom drastically increased Maybe this novel's just not for me or maybe I'm just not used to PKD's writing as this is my very first time to try out one of his novels I'm not giving up on him though because I think judging the author based on his short stories would be slightly incorrect I'm clearly not recommending this but if you're fond of PKD then maybe you'd be able to enjoy this 155 stars clearly not for me

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Llection includes nine other outstanding short stories by the twentieth century's outstanding SF master three of which have been made into feature fil. This is only my second PKD story the first being The Man in the High Castle which I liked despite still being pretty sure that I don't know what any of it actually meant and I think maybe that I liked this one too But I'm not sure yet because well I had some pretty big issues with it We shall see how I feel after I blark out all of my thoughts in this review The premise here is that at some point in the future society is virtually crime free thanks to precognitive predictions leading to pre offense arrests Doesn't it just make you all warm and fuzzy inside Doesn't it make you feel all safe and sound It sure did to Police Commissioner Anderton at least until his name came up as a potential murderer He goes on the run shocker and tries to figure out what to do next as he's convinced that there's a plot being perpetrated against him Dun dun dunnnnnSo basically here's the deal I like this story mostly there were some illogical conclusions and some plot holes that took it down a bit if I view it superficially as a SFdystopian thriller But the problem is that if I look even a little bit deeper to the implications of what such a society would be like my enjoyment falls apart and this little story really bothers me A word of warning here I don't know if I can avoid spoilers if I'm going to talk about the things that bothered me about this one So if you're concerned and don't want to be spoiled come back in an hour after you've read the story for yourself So let the ramble ranting commence Anderton created and built the Precrime division of the police and he's run the show there for years There are three precogs who were taken in early childhood and trained to search their visions of the near future for crimes report these crimes through the computers that they are hooked up to which analyze every sound they make non stop on and on and on until they die They are described as idiots and monkeys and mutants and are treated as tools rather than the humans they are They are kept in the room of the police building lovingly being SO facetious here if you can't tell referred to as the monkey room All day long the idiots babbled imprisoned in their special high backed chairs held in one rigid position by metal bands and bundles of wiring clamps Their physical needs were taken care of automatically They had no spiritual needs Vegetable like they muttered and dozed and existed Their minds were dull confused lost in shadows But not the shadows of today The three gibbering fumbling creatures with their enlarged heads and wasted bodies were contemplating the future The analytical machinery was recording prophecies and as the three precog idiots talked the machinery carefully listenedFor the first time Witwer's face lost its breezy confidence A sick dismayed expression crept into his eyes a mixture of shame and moral shock It's not pleasant he murmured I didn't realize they were so He groped in his mind for the right word gesticulating So deformed Deformed and retarded Anderton instantly agreed Especially the girl there Donna is forty five years old But she looks about ten The talent absorbs everything; the esp lobe shrivels the balance of the frontal area But what do we care We get their prophecies They pass on what we need They don't understand any of it but we doSo lemme give you the uick and dirty total spoiler version of the rest of the plot Anderton's name pops out the machine claiming that he's going to commit a murder which is grounds for him to be arrested and detained for a week a month indefinitely Dunno It never said with the other potential criminals for the safety of his potential victim He knows he's fucked at this point because every card that comes out to his office is duplicated to the office of the Army you know keep everyone honest and all that jazz But HE knows himself and he knows that HE would never kill anyone so he must be being framed Because HE'S not a criminal like those those CRIMINALS Or well like they would be if they weren't in jail for thinking about being criminalsAnyway Anderton automatically latches on to the idea that Witwer who is newly appointed to be Anderton's assistant is gunning for his job as head honcho and look his wife is there too She's in on it They been bangin' for weeks that whore and her young boyfriend Witwer They want him out of the way Oh no Just in his imagination Well can't put nothing past a woman Anderton don't trust nothin' that can bleed for a week and not die Just sayin' So he takes his paranoia out into the world and starts packing intent on going on the run Except he's picked up and taken to his victim's house where he tries unsuccessfully to convince him he means no harm Or maybe successfully but the victim is not in the 'giving a shit' kind of mood So he packs him off to have him arrested at which time he's picked up by yet ANOTHER interested party who gives him money and fake documents and tells him to lay low So Anderton totally does just that by calling his office and arranging to come scope the machinery and telling his former employee all about his new disguise you know so he'll know who to expect when he gets there Because you see he got a tip that there's something wonky with a minority report What's that you ask Well lemme tell you You see the precogs are all hooked up to their own computers and all three of them view the future individually not together Since there are three of them if two agree on a potential future that's called a majority report and the third's differing view would be a minority report So he goes investigates some shit goes down and the long story short version is that yes there was a majority report about him killing his victim but technically not really because they were all minority reports Here's how it happened 1 Supposedly at some point he decides to kill a person 2 Anderton's name gets kicked out on a card 3 He changes his mind based on the fact that he knows he'd never kill so the second precog picks up this change and boots out a report saying he's NOT going to kill anyone 4 He then sees THAT report and realizes that if word gets out that the precogs are false predicting it would shut down the Precrime division because that would mean that they are totally imprisoning innocent people not to be confused with 'people who just haven't committed a crime yet' and everything he had worked for would be gone5 So he decides that he has to kill the guy to fulfill the original prediction to make the system not wrong and to keep the whole thing going Which the 3rd precog picks up as intent to murder thus forming the original majority report even though it was two different