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Nds It examines birth order ongoing twin studies genetic encoding of behavioral tra. Ugh I'm throwing in the towel on this one it just wasn't scholarly enough for me ok it wasn't scholarly at all Sure the author reported on an assortment of sibling studies done not that he cited his sources but then he followed it up with how it applied to his own family And worst of all he'd top it all off by using some celebrity or another to model the research I find no value whatsoever in reading anecdotal evidence based on the public persona of various celebrities Maybe the author thought this would make the research come alive for his audience but I just found it lacking in scientific rigorI am going to guess however that there are other books that have tackled the topic in a scholarly way and I'll look forward to the time I'll spend reading them

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The Sibling EffectIts how emotional disorders can affect and be affected by sibling relationships and. This book was very disappointing The book is part autobiography about the author's relationship with his brothers part parenting book and part academic research review It ends up being good at none of these Further by trying to do too much the books seemed to never find its focus or move towards anything in particularWhile the autobiographical part could have been interesting it was too intermittent to really capture my attention But the author failed supremely in the academic section While he obviously researched a lot of the sociology studies on siblings the author seemed to try to expound on the studies too much making leaps in an already fuzzy academic world Kluger also tries to related principles to genetics but it is obvious that this is not his field Twice he made errors in basic genetic theory such as the fallacy that having a boy is genetically advantageous then a girl This concept however was disproved mathematically by Richard Dawkins almost 40 years ago in his book The Selfish GeneHowever perhaps most annoyingly the author routinely makes ill advised and unhelpful metaphors and analogies Every time a read a metaphor I would either cringe or laugh and it really detracted from the book

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The Sibling Effect Free read ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ This book explores what scientists and researchers are discovering about sibling bonds It examines birth order ongoing twin studies genetic encoding of behavioral traits how emotional disorders can affect and be affected by sibling relationships andThis book explores what scientists and researchers are discovering about sibling bo. I have always defined myself in part by my place in my family I am the fifth child in a family of nine siblings and the first daughter of two daughters My sister is the eighth child in the family and we are separated by 7 years Our parents were married at the close of WW2 and we grew up under the strong influence of the Catholic Church Our parents remained married until my dad's death in 1996 so there were no step siblings or half siblings involved in my life My sibs shaped who I am in ways that I can only imagine I know their impact on who I am today was huge and frankly they remain the most influential people in my life They matter to me Growing up I counted on them for companionship for guidance for goofiness for friendship Who they are now and the struggles and joys of their lives today matter to me a great deal My sister who shares my outlook on family gave me this book for my birthday and I found it to be an absorbing read Really there were no surprises in it but it was enjoyable to read and to relate to the families referenced The author Jeffrey Kluger grew up as the second child in a family of four boys which later expanded to include two half siblings and a step sibling His childhood seemed so much tumultuous than mine but his observations and documentation of siblings in general are interesting to me Chapters include discussions of birth order how families change the family I was born into is not the same family that my oldest brother my youngest brother or my sister or any of my siblings were born into the presence and conseuences of favoritism in families siblings raising siblings and the ties that bind siblings during the adult years I know my brothers and sister would agree that we were fortunate to have each other There was support comfort and companionship in numbers I know that there were times when we each got lost in the shuffle and I suspect that the sheer volume of noise and personalities overwhelmed me and at least some if not all of my sibs not to mention the 'rents It was easy to be overlooked and to stay uiet to avoid being seen when you didn't want to be seen It was also easy to hide in the shadow of a sibling or to delight in the friendship of a sibling My siblings are the people who have known me the longest They grew up with me through little kidhood adolescence marriages child rearing and who will continue to stand with me at funerals until sadly there is only one standing We watched each other make choices in life and play them out I suspect one of the surprises of my later life might be the connections I continue to grow with my brothers and my sister As I noted Mr Kluger's book doesn't really hold new information for me I've lived his book and maybe that's why I found it interesting Maybe you will too