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CHARACTERS Î Haters By Alisa Valdes Ä From the fist day at her new Southern California high school Pasuala Rumalda uintana de Archuleta Paski learns that the popular students may be diverse in ethnicity but are alike in their cruelty While Paski tries to concentrate on mountain biking and not thinking too much about ultra hot Chris Cabrera she iE diverse in ethnicity but are alike in their cruelty While Paski tries to concentrate on mountain biking and not thinking too much about ultr. This is a YA novel from a successful but hitherto unknown to me writer I picked it up at the transfer station in town Not bad so far despite the heroine being pretty self absorbed and obnoxious WAY too much attitude It occurred to me this morning that this is a re hash of Rebel Without a Cause It also reads like a movie or TV treatment Way way too much name and product dropping for my taste Still the author is capable enough in conveying teen age intensity and anxiety although it's all kind of obvious I find myself hating the cool kids intensely for their embodiment of uber American competitiveness and materialism Spiritually sick sick sickSome notes Taos is not surrounded by mountains About half surrounded is accurate Calling your Dad a total loser is not going to get my sympathy I like him so far Do teenagers in SoCal really drive Hummers Beemers and Lexuses to school She was a college freshman at the College of Santa Fe Huh Motherless daughter is kind of a cliche' isn't it The English class self intros are annoyingly overheated Do teachers actually act like that nowadays Paski has second sight Really Is this a Steve King novelMoving along last night and growing impatient This book continues to be uneven with some terrible choices by the author Paski rides to the top of an OC hill and has a vision REALLY Buffalo and Coyotes Maybe Ms V R thinks it necessary to include mystical claptrap to get the teen female's attention but it's a literary crime to put this in an otherwise realistic story Notes The party scene was pretty good but expected OF COURSE it was going to be some kind of disaster as the approval seeking Paski needs to learn her lessons the hard way Then there's a paragraph or two straight from Polonius Preachy obvious crudDo we need to hear normal teen age girls semi bragging about sex as if it's normalacceptable What's with the cosmetics obsession Is this a Latino female thing Obnoxious Beautifulie all young women should NOT wear makeup Period The words sexy hot cool amazing baked and are repeated endlessly Some of the kidsTina and Chris have vocabularies but Paski does not And she's a writer Endless product and songartist placements The relentless Dad dissing continues to be an irritant What are bad spiritsAnd done after skimming the last 50 pages or so All in all it's the worst YA book I've read and I have read enough for that to mean something SE Hinton's stuff is much better As other G'reads reviewers have noted Paski is pretty much a generic cipher of a teen human She's all about the shallow pathso far in her life Ultimately a very uninteresting person Her environmental awareness is a joke She wears ear buds while riding her bike in a wilderness park and can't wait to get aboard a noisy polluting motorbike More negatives Paski is a liar not much is made of this Boy craziness is off putting in girlswomen of all ages How about growing up The sex presentation is inappropriate for a YA book In my opinion The main kid characters are all boringexcept Trina and she brags about her sex too or unbelievably crazy Jessica Paski apparently doesn't see the ocean until near the end of the book REALLY The prose organization of Paski's blueberry pancake bre


From the fist day at her new Southern California high school Pasuala Rumalda uintana de Archuleta Paski learns that the popular students may b. Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadToocomHATERS is the first young adult book by Alisa Valdes Rodriguez but anyone who reads this book myself included is sure to hope it's not her last In the novel readers are introduced to Paski her full name is Pasuala Rumalda uintana de Archuleta but that's way too much of a mouthful She's a New Mexico teenager who because of her father's new job moves to Orange County California Yeah the OC And it seems a lot like the television show Paski misses the mountains around her old home of Taos she's a mountain biker her psychic grandmother whose talents she has inherited her best friends and tons but maybe the OC isn't so bad After all there's super hot Chris Cabrera It's not like Paski is a social leper either She uickly makes friends with Tina a girl who has a slight obsession with anthropology Things aren't all fun and games though At her new school Aliso Niguel High certain things are very important Looks and money for the most part And gorgeous rich and evil Jessica Nguyen has both She and her friends some of the Haters the book is named for confident as they may seem in their place at the top are a little threatened by Paski who is just as pretty as they are At first they're able to dismiss her as just an apartment girl but then they find out her dad is going to be really well paid for the movie about a superhero named Sueegee Man that he's animating Apparently Paski has what it takes to get to the top But with the Haters there is that where she wants to be HATERS was an entertaining fun read that kept be hooked up until the very last word Maybe it's not a hugely original idea there are tons of young adult books about rich popular teenagers in California Or Florida But this is than that Alisa Valdes Rodriguez tells the story in Paski's fresh original voice that will have readers craving I hope there's about Paski in the future or at least young adult fiction from Alisa Valdes Rodriguez in general and anyone who reads this book will most definitely feel the same

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Haters By Alisa ValdA hot Chris Cabrera she is troubled by the beautiful and wicked Jessica Nguyen Here at Aliso Niguel High money is everything and the Haters ru. A few weeks ago one of my best friends at work lent me a book that she really enjoyed She mentioned it was very cute but yet naughty at times and that it made reference to the Mexican culture uite often She also told me that she read it with a Spanish dictionary by her side as she took some lessons in high school but she still wanted to make sure that she fully understood what all the terms meant Needless to say I was intrigued at that pointIt had been a while since I last picked up a novel and the title of this one immediately caught my attention The book I am referring to is called Haters and the author is Alisa Valdes This novel depicts the story of an adolescent girl who moves from the uaint town of Taos New Mexico to the glamorous and often plastic Orange County in order for her dad to make a mark in the animation industry As one could expect once in the OC the protagonist found some extremely beautiful and well put together girls who unfortunately had twice as much malice as they did beauty But not all is bad she also happens to meet an ultra hot guy who is gorgeous enough to soothe her frustration I must admit that for the most part I enjoy literary creations that are on the girly side of things I don't know a lot of other guys who could often find themselves roaming around the Books For Girls section at Chapters but I know I do and I must say I have found some treasures there lately When it comes to Haters my friend was absolutely right I immediately felt immersed in the storyline as I could easily relate to the main character Paski Both Paski and I have experienced what it feels like to move from one city to another without knowing what to expect or what kind of people you would find there We both have a Mexican heritage that automatically made us different from the majority and in both of our cases it actually worked to our advantage I could also relate to the way in which Paski interacted with her dad as we often take the goodness of our parents for granted during adolescenceOverall I would seriously recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this genre of literature It will make you reminisce of your younger years when love and lust took over your body and when bullies and popularity were on everyone's mind I truly enjoyed Alisa's use of language as it was both comical and powerful Also the fact that she incorporated and exalted the Spanish language and culture in her book made me love it even I am very happy to see that someone as influential as Alisa Valdes is making sure that our background and folkways are not forgotten or stereotyped To sum it all up there is no way one could hate Haters Happy reading