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Free read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ï Alain Robbe-Grillet Aving and then probing a complete mixture of fact and fantasy The narrative spans the twenty four hour period following a series of eight murders in eight days presumably the work of a terrorist group After the ninth murder the investiga. The Erasers is a mystery but it is nowhere near any hardboiled detective storiesThe structure of The Erasers is a structure of labyrinth – the characters constantly roam the labyrinths of streets and they incessantly rove in the labyrinths of their thoughtsUsually this landscape has little relief and looks rather unattractive but this morning the grayish yellow sky of snowy days gives it unaccustomed dimensions Certain outlines are emphasized others are blurred; here and there distances open out unsuspected masses appear; the whole view is organized into a series of planes silhouetted against one another so that the depth suddenly illuminated seems to lose its natural look—and perhaps its reality—as if this over exactitude were possible only in a painting Distances are so affected that they become virtually unrecognizable without it being possible to say in just what way they are transformed extended or telescoped—or both at once—unless they have acuired a new uality that has to do with geometry Sometimes this happens to lost cities petrified by some cataclysm for centuries—or only for a few seconds before their collapse a wink of hesitation between life and what already bears another name after before eternityIncertitude and uncertainty – the characters keep roaming the labyrinths of the crime versions until they get lost in the mazeIn the murky water of the auarium furtive shadows pass—an undulation whose vague existence dissolves of its own accord and afterward it is uestionable whether there had been anything to begin with But the dark patch reappears and makes two or three circles in broad daylight soon coming back to melt behind a curtain of algae deep in the protoplasmic depths A last eddy uickly dying away makes the mass tremble for a second Again everything is calm Until suddenly a new form emerges and presses its dream face against the glassThat is our consciousness and this is our world We are sure that we know everything about the world we live in but we’re just wandering the labyrinths of our own misconceptions

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Les Gommes Characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Alain Robbe Grillet is internationally hailed as the chief spokesman for the noveau roman and one of the great novelists of the twentieth century The Erasers his first novel reads like a detective story but is primarily concerned with weaving and th Tion is then turned over to a police agent who may in fact be the assassinBoth an engrossing mystery and a sinister deconstruction of reality The Erasers intrigues and unnerves with eual force as it pull us along to its ominous conclusio.  Nightmare NoirThe noir mood is familiar to anyone who has read one of the Inspector Maigret novels of Georges Simenon The bleary eyed proprietor of a small bar in a French provincial town gets up at dawn to take the chairs from off the tables and wipe their stained marble tops; he is almost sleep walking Eventually the waiter arrives excitedly carrying the morning paper There has been a murder in the very next streetOr has there There seems to be some discrepancy as to the victim's name Daniel Dupont a reclusive professor or Albert Dupont a shipping merchant Also some doubt as to whether the was killed or merely wounded And what has become of the body Wallas the stranger who arrived the previous night to rent a room may have something to do with it but he has gone out before dawn We see him wandering through the town in the early hours heading down endless grey streets from the docks to the city center but taking for ever to get there From time to time in the book he will go into a shop to buy an eraser but can never find the one he wants Time and space seem entirely fluid; characters morph from one into another; the only thing tying the story down is an obsessive cataloguing of small detail As I read this in French I will give all uotations both in the originals and my own translations; open whichever version you want French view spoiler L'escalier se compose de vingt et un marches de bois plus tout en bas une marche de pierre blanche sensiblement plus large ue les autres et dont l'extrémité libre arrondie porte une colonne de cuivre aux ornamentations compliuées terminée en guise de pomme par une tête de fou coiffée du bonnet à trois clochettes Plus haut la rampe massive et vernie est supportée par des barreaux de bois tournée légèrement ventrus à la base Une bande de mouette grise avec deux raises grenat sur les bords recouvre l'escalier et se prolonge dans le vestibule jusu'à la porte d'entrée hide spoiler

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Les GommesAlain Robbe Grillet is internationally hailed as the chief spokesman for the noveau roman and one of the great novelists of the twentieth century The Erasers his first novel reads like a detective story but is primarily concerned with we. THE ERASING OF VALUEI finished this book in March of 1972 during the beginning of the final spring thaw I still remember walking through the puddled misty grey streets of our sleepy Ontario university town musing deeplyFor its streets like the U2 song says now seemed to be nameless and endless for that was part and parcel of the greyly monotonous magic spell that Alain Robbe Grillet had by then woven into the fabric of my mindA “pathetic fallacy” indeed on the part of my dozing imaginationIt was after Beckett my first encounter with postmodernism And I enjoyed it; for as one one year now remained till graduation I needed every escape I could find from my heavy course loadBut there is grave danger in certain escapesAnd Robbe Grillet’s road does indeed wind forever into nowhere with plenty of sharp alarming revelations appearing suddenly into the field of vision of the protagonist a Sûreté cop only to disappear in even deeper folds of mist Such in fact is our lifeWhere are we going What do we know for sureSo Robbe Grillet hunkered down at his writing desk in the shambles that was postwar Europe seems to askNobel Laureate Patrick Modiano was 8 years old in 1953 the year Les Gommes was published But he seems to have been unaware of the power of the nouveau roman until he was 17 when one of the writers of that genre Raymond ueneau took him under his wingRobbe Grillet was by then the genre’s leading theorist And his influence on this soon to be cause célèbre youth is unmistakeable So Modiano’s novel Missing Person must have had its nascence in his attentive reading of The ErasersSo The Erasers was utterly groundbreaking in its timeA lot of us are moving in endless grey foggy spaces like Robbe Grillet’s inspector especially in these unsettling days Why’s thatWell think back to as late as the early twentieth century It was a world of plain facts You could be sure that the sun would always shine again that weather patterns wouldn’t act in a schizoid manner that tomorrow would be much the same as today You even see that still in the 1970’s in the drab grey French provincial towns patrolled by the drab Inspector Maigret’s clones The predictable is comforting and even murder can appear mundane under such comforting predictabilityBut wasn’t it Mauriac who said of Georges Simenon’s perennial sameness that it can horribly expose “the depths of this nightmare that he paints with such unendurable art” And the nightmare lives on and grabs us in Robbe GrilletNow that’s all changed because our postmodernism like one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse rides the Pale Horse of Brute NothingnessWe are assaulted by the Absurd at every turnInstead of facts we have become an appalled world hyper conscious of its Breaking TweetsIs there hope in thatThere will be if we put our endless wanderings through rootlessness to good useBut that day may have to wait until that day when we can finallyRedeem the Time Redeem the DreamThe token of the word unheardUnspokenPeace of mind may be closer than we think if we learn to return to ourselves and our Original Vision of things Unconstrained by the dismal prison of our dour everyday “factual” refusal to dreamFor it is in our dreams that we recover our life