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Boardwalk Empire Review ¼ 9 Á From its inception Atlantic City has always been a town dedicated to the fast buck and this wide reaching history offers a riveting account of its past 100 years from the city's heyday as a Prohibition era mecca of lawlessness to its rebirth as a legitimate casino resort in the modern eraA colorful cast of characters led byThe modern eraA colorful cast of characters led by Enoch Nucky Johnson populates this stranger than fiction account of corrupt politics and the toxic power structure that grew out of guile finesse and extortion Atlantic City's shadowy past through its rise fall and rebirth i. Bound City of SwingSunPost Weekly September 16 2010 | John Hoodhttpbitly90vmwPGetting with the Book behind Boardwalk EmpireThe 500 Club Paradise Café Club Harlem Little Belmont The Bath and Turf Club the Cliuot Club just saying names of these fabled swing spots evokes an era of high vice and low blows These were gambling dens before the era of casinos yet run wide open Why Because in Prohibition era Atlantic City what was once vice was now habit and it wouldn’t be broken for anything let alone a little inconvenience like lawAs you’ve undoubtedly heard by now that wild time in the ol’ beachfront town is about to be brought back to life by HBO in the series Boardwalk Empire Executive produced by Martin Scorcese who directed the first episode and overseen by EmmyAward winning writer Terence Winter of The Sopranos Boardwalk Empire promises to be the It series of the season And there’s not a TV viewer in all the land who isn’t duly thrilled by the prospectBut like many a cool concept to make its way to screens big and small Boardwalk Empire springs from somewhere else In this case it’s Nelson Johnson’s same named book which rings with the subtitle The Birth High Times and Corruption of Atlantic CityUnlike the series Johnson’s book runs the gamut of Atlantic City’s riveting history from the time the sandbar was nothing than a gleam in a man named Jonathan Pitney’s riled eye to the time when the bottom basically fell outta the sky and hard times had once again descended upon the descendants of the “Pineys” who first made this inhospitable place homeBut the highlight of the book – and the subject of the series – is the stretch that spanned from Prohibition to The Great Depression when everything went and it all went under the watchful eye of one Enoch “Nucky” JohnsonRenamed Thompson for the series and played by great Steve Buscemi Nucky Johnson was the kinda boss of which legends are made A pal to both President Harding he delivered the New Jersey delegation at the Republican Convention and Al Capone he arranged a mob conference in May of 1929 Nucky was known as a man who could get things done and make everyone a lotta loot while doing so Ever with a dame on his arm and a thug by his side Nucky ruled with a combination of charm and hubris that over shown and out shadowed even The Commodore who’d beueathed him his spot No one stood between Nucky and his objectives because Nucky’s objectives benefitted everyone And virtually everyone made out like proverbial banditsEveryone but a certain William Randolph Hearst that is The story is that Nucky had hit on a chick at the Silver Slipper Saloon a chick that just so happened to be a favorite of Hearst’s When the womanizing newspaper magnate found out about it he used his broadsheets to run a series of exposes detailing the crime and corruption under Nucky’s reign Nucky countered by banning all of Hearst’s newspapers Then Willy Boy really got mad and he enlisted J Edgar Hoover and his G men in a uest to get evenIt took some time five years or so and it took some finagling like I said no one wanted to speak out against their benefactor but the Feds did finally make their case and Nucky went down for tax evasionIt’s a dynamite tale about as tall as they get and one that has no shortage of drama Why else would Scorcese et al get involved More though it’s the kinda story that reveals about ourselves and our origins than many a mere history ever could no matter how factually writtenMedford Press originally published Boardwalk Empire back in 2002 and parent company Plexus has just dropped a TV tie in that includes a Terence Winter forward a new afterword by the author and a slew of color photos that’ll put you right back into the time While you’re though you’d be wise to get your mitts on J Louis Yamplowsky’s A Boardwalk Story a novel set in the waning days of The Great Depression Unlike Empire this Story is centered around “a reclusive mystic and a charismatic pitchman and mathematical savant” rather than the gangsters and machine bosses that concern HBO Taken in tandem however they represent a once upon a time that was simply unlike any other everSee you on the Boardwalk baby

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S given new light in this revealing and often appalling study of legislative abuse and organized crimeThis audiobook narrated by Joe Mantegna is the true story that inspired the upcoming HBO series of the same name It includes a foreword written and narrated by Terence Winte. I'm sure that readers of in depth detailed political history will find this book fascinating from cover to cover Because I am not uite the in depth political history scholar I didn't find the entire book so much fascinating as I found it to be long windedThat said there were in depth parts of the book I did like These were the parts that focused on the characters I was familiar with as a fan of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire It was interesting to find out how Atlantic City started as an empty stretch of fly ridden sand and became the backdrop for an empire I enjoyed reading about Louis The Commodore Kuehnle and how he set the stage for inspiring future politicians and power brokersI enjoyed reading about Nucky Johnson the basis for the Boardwalk Empire character of Nucky Thompson The author does a great job detailing how Johnson came to power and how he simultaneously exploited and helped fellow politicians gangsters shop owners the poor and pretty much anyone else in his path The fact that Johnson held power so completely and in a steel grip did not diminish the respect admiration and loyalty that throngs of people had for him no small feat I also enjoyed reading about Johnson's successor Hap Farley and how Farley came to power I suppose I started to feel bogged down sometime after that and found myself first skimming text then skipping ahead several chapters altogether I would encourage fans of Boardwalk Empire to give this book a try as it does have a lot to offer Just be warned that you may find your eyes glazing over after a while

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Boardwalk EmpireFrom its inception Atlantic City has always been a town dedicated to the fast buck and this wide reaching history offers a riveting account of its past 100 years from the city's heyday as a Prohibition era mecca of lawlessness to its rebirth as a legitimate casino resort in. If fans of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire read this hoping just for stories about corrupt politicians gangsters bootlegging sex violence and a disfigured hit man they’re probably going to be disappointed However anyone looking for an interesting history of Atlantic City from its humble beginnings of a second rate resort town through it’s glory days of as a popular destination point during Prohibition because of it’s total unwillingness to enforce anti booze laws to it’s current state as a gambling town that is still plagued by urban decay would probably find this book interestingWhile the author spends plenty of time on the reign of political boss and part time racketeer Nucky Johnson the inspiration for the Steve Buscemi’s character Nucky Thompson and the way that the corrupt Republican machine built and ruled Atlantic City for decades this is really a history and not a true crime book While the links between organized crime and the politicians is documented extensively the book centers on the political corruption instead of gangland shenanigansSo while there’s no Martin Scorsese style violence it’s an interesting history of a uniue city